Leatherstocking Trade Press – New Home in Saratoga Springs

I’m absolutely delighted to announce the formation of a new enterprise called Leatherstocking Trade Press and it’s new home at the Upstate Distilling House in Saratoga Springs.

When I was 12, my dad and I started a business called Leatherstocking Trade Company, after the region I grew up in. We sold used tools, tie dye  t-shirts, smoke bombs and stained glass window thingys. It was a total mishmash of oddball things and I loved it. We’d go to the Fox Creek Flea Market in Schoharie on the weekends and sell stuff, hand out with the other vendors and meet nice people from all over.

By 17, I’d see the t-shirt business really thrive and was selling them in bulk to entire classes at Schalmont High School for fundraisers and senior spirit. I always knew I’d own a business when I grew up because in a way I always did.

Many of you know of my love for the letterpress, and my Golding #7 has been tucked away in mLeatherstocking Trade Press Saratogay parents garage for some time. I’ve been given a great opportunity to find it a home at local distillery and brewery here in Saratoga Springs Upstate Distilling 

With it’s new home comes a new formality. I’m reaching back to the old days and forming a company around my teaching and my dads book writing endeavors. I’ll be making vodka labels, book covers, gift certificates and collateral for Bodywork Professionals.

At this time, I’m not really doing public press work. It’s a hobby for me, and I want to continue to love it.

I WILL be offering tours this November, and yes the tours will include vodka and beer tasting.

More… much more to come 🙂