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We just arrived back after an amazing long weekend in beautiful Shenandoah Virginia, celebrating the Food Freedom Festival. This event was hosted by the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund and The Nutritional Therapy Association. We arrived at the event not knowing what to expect, but with eager minds to learn what was going on with our current food system in the U.S. We wanted to learn what was wrong with the current government food paradigm, and what we could do as ambassadors to help make changes within this system. We quickly learned how important sustainable farming practices are for our culture, and how this movement will impact our generation and the generations to follow. This movement is necessary for ourselves, our families, and our home, the planet earth.


On Friday, we learned all about FDA and USDA regulations that affect small farmers, and the persecution they face from a corrupt bureaucracy. We listened to Lawyers, Senators, Farmers, and even a Bio-Chemist. We learned how farmers and their consumers can best respond in moments of crisis during government raids and interventions. Most importantly, we learned how the paleo community needs to switch their focus to food quality. We need a conscious awareness of where our food comes from, and the impact these choices we make have on us. This is the direction the paleo community needs to go in, if we truly care about healing ourselves and our future generations. We are pleased that our company Paleo On The Go sources our food only from quality farms, and already makes this conscious effort to supply our consumers with these quality foods.


Animals need sunshine, fresh air, and pasture to be happy and healthy!


On Saturday we were lucky to get a tour of the Polyface Farm, and listened to Joel Salatin teach us exactly how a sustainable farming system should run. He told us some amazing, life changing stories about farming and farming practices. We learned how the chickens have a symbiotic relationship with the cows, that also benefits the quality of the pasture. Chickens add Nitrogen and Phosphorus and other trace elements that the cows cannot easily provide through their manure.

These cycles of interaction help reverse cattle compaction of soil. We watched the cows out in the pasture, eating their natural diet of grass. Did you know that cows are herbivores? Factory CAFO farms feed their cattle everything, included animal remains that have been ground up. These cows live inside buildings, and never see sunshine or eat their natural diet. This messes with the ecosystem and produces sick animals, and sick food.

We learned how the pigs like to forage in forest areas, and watched some happy playful pigs frolicking about in their natural habitat.

We enjoyed an amazing farm-fresh breakfast and lunch complete with pasture raised eggs, chicken, and pork as well as beautiful, fresh fruit and vegetables.
The farm tour was completed with stories from real farmers of their experiences dealing with the FDA and USDA and how they overcame these obstacles, and became stronger. We learned just how important the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund is, in helping these farmers to come together, and overcome the government corruption that these farmers face. We all need to work together as a community, and support our farmers, to create nourishing REAL food, and make that food accessible to everyone. This cannot be done without passionate people who are willing to help out. Paleo On The Go is pleased to announce that we will be supporting The Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, and you can too! Any size donation you can make, will help make an impact in the livelihood of these sustainable farmers. Remember you also vote with your dollars. Buy your meats from local farmer’s markets, and be sure the animals were raised out in pasture, without chemicals.


Overall, we had an amazing weekend. We met so many incredible people. These are the pioneers needed for this movement. Your help is needed as well! We hope you will join us in changing the face of paleo. Paleo is not only about meat and vegetables. It’s about everyone having access to real food. If you ever get a chance to visit the Polyface Farm, it is a life-changing experience. You will quickly realize just how important the sustainability movement is for all of us.

Written by, Kathryn Kos, NTP consultant for Paleo On The Go:

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Kathryn is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), who specializes in digestive health. She sees clients in her Saratoga Springs NY office, and also offers worldwide phone and skype consultations. Kathryn is a blogger at www.primalblissnutrition. She is mama of two boys and is passionate about feeding infants, toddlers, and children real food. In her spare time Kathryn enjoys CrossFit, Bikram yoga, bass fishing, hiking, and wrestling with her boys.

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