It’s good to be home~Thank you for making it possible

After a two month adventure, it’s good to be home again. Maybe since I’m a little older this time, maybe because I’m a little more stable at this point in my life, my homecoming has been easy. I dont feel completely transformed or brand new like I have on other adventures and that doesn’t let me down.  I feel polished by adventure and sand and surf and fish tacos. What I had was there and didn’t change so much as it was decorated by a wonderful experience.

I was once told that you don’t own a business until you can leave it alone and come back to it stronger and better than when you left. I came home to find Bodywork Professionals running like a top. My beloved staff were working hard, having fun together, keeping busy and doing awesome work. I’d like to think that I ran some things while I was away, but what can you really do from a coffee shop 6000 miles away. The team at Bodywork Professionals should be commended and awarded a “Medal of Awesome” for outstanding achievement while I was doing my training.  You are awesome.

This has been such a lucky and unique experience and I know that if it were not for such amazing people around me I’d never have been able to do it.

Thank you to our beloved clients for making this business what it is.

Thank you Mom and Dad, you are and always have been there for me, second guessing my good and bad decisions and gently guiding by love. I love you.

Thank you Dardy and Jim for taking care of the house and the cat. Pappi put on a little weight but she is happy and healthy and the grass and roses look great!!

Thank you friends and family for all your support and enthusiasm. I tried to do as many awesome things as I could and enjoy myself as much as you all suggested.  I hope I didn’t let you down

Finally, thank you the staff at Bodywork Professionals. You really are awesome. We have a culture of learning, caring and professionalism that is special and powerful and I thank you so much for what each of you bring to the table. I couldn’t imagine a better group of people to work with.

My heart is full of gratitude. I am one LUCKY dude.

Thank you.

Roses of Gratitude