Gyrokinesis Introduction

Welcome to the GYROKINESIS® Method of exercise!


GYROKINESIS what??? Gyro relates to rotation and Kinesis is movement or motion applied in a Method
or particular procedure for accomplishing something, in this case physical effort to sustain or improve
health and fitness through Exercise. Umm.

Stimulates the Body

The GYROKINESIS® Method stimulates the body and mind with a rhythmic flow of movements that bring
balance, ease, grace, strength, flexibility, concentration, coordination, stamina, awareness, and joy as
one moves through daily life. GYROKINESIS® is available to everyone; time has expanded the reach from
dancers recovering from injury and exploring movement potential in a creative way to people of many
backgrounds including golfers, equestrians, music artists, professional athletes, and everyday wellness

Expansion System

GYROKINESIS® is done on the stool and floor, it’s the non-apparatus aspect of the GYROTONIC®
Expansion system which involves several different pieces of specialized equipment to engage the same
movement principles and patterns with the guidance of apparatus. Why may you want to try it???
Lady Gaga does it and you may want to rock the garden with ease as you shovel soil, pull weeds, plant,
and transform your yard into an urban farm or mini park while we are quarantining.


The GYROKINESIS® Method is filled with circular, spiraling, elongating, undulating movements that arch,
curl, spiral, side bend, and wave the spine to hydrate and cleanse tissues, and enhance vitality by
stimulating the cardiovascular, muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems. The overall effect is that of a
medicinal Tonic serving to restore tone to organs and muscles while fostering a feeling of vigor and
wellbeing. You can experience some of the basic principles at home in this on demand video with the
guidance of certified trainer Susan Stewart who teaches at the Pilates Principle when you log into your
Bodywork Professionals account.
Be well!