Happy Mother’s Day to my mom

This year has been a wonderful time as I got to see my wife give birth again and bring Rafaella into this world. I’m understanding parenting from a different direction now.

I realize how much I am loved by my mom. She is a wonderful person, and a force to be reckoned with when she wants to be. As a man in my 40’s I realize she is proud of me and I’ve experienced a love from her my whole life that has been a rock and foundation that taught me how to love.

It sounds weird but this idea got kicked off not from mother’s day but when her knee and back started acting up and I gave her some bodywork. She was so pleased and impressed she just wanted to tell the world and I felt a little embarrassed by it. Like, yeah my mom thinks I’m awesome so you should too. Then I got thinking, how awesome is it that I have this cheerleader in my corner, telling the word how great her little Nicky is.


So here are the reviews, and thank you mom for being a wonderful person, I love you right back.


“Our excitement about a long-planned trip to Paris, and then the British Isles, was dashed by the pain and discomfort that made mom unable to walk even short distances.

She saw multiple doctors, including orthopedic specialists, and no one offered much encouragement.

Finally, on April 4th, she visited your Latham office where you worked on her for an hour.

We are calling that our “Miracle Hour”, because for the first time in weeks, she can walk without pain.

Mom’s excitement over our trip has returned, and we cannot thank you enough for taking the time to get her back on track.”


“Recently I reached out to Nick Pavoldi LMT, owner of Bodywork Professionals, who is one of the few massage therapists specializing in Structural Integration. He is also my son. Debilitating pain from a soon to be replaced, worn out knee, sent my low back into constant spasms from my lurching, awkward gait. Heat, ice and a chiropractor gave some relief but only temporarily. One session of Nicks’ deep tissue work actually took the back pain away, and as much as I know how professional and expert his therapy is, I was still amazed how effective it was for me. I know this praise sounds over the top but I just had to give Nick the kudos he well deserves for his talent and knowledge. I remain incredibly impressed and so thankful to have relief. The man truly is amazing!”


Grandma Pavoldi with Ophelia (she really loves her Grandma but this photo isn’t really showing that :)is the blonde on the left and Nefili 9my bothers daughter) in on the right