Finding time: The Northville-Placid trail and Camp Fowler

Blue Blaze trail markers show the way Dad and I on the trail

We are all really busy it seems, we are a Do society and glad of it. I’m finding that even while I’m on a rest from my session work, I’ve got a loaded plate of activities and adventures.

I’ve always wanted to do the Northville-Placid trail. I’ve done a little during my days as staff at the wonderful Camp Fowler in Speculator. This year I got back on the trail and I hope to complete it.

I’ve completed the portion I did wile at Fowler and then spent a week volunteering as a cabin counselor. It’s been half a lifetime since I’ve been there in any significant way, and my return was something of a prodigal son story.

I didn’t take all my inheratance or anything I just boomeranged out. As many of us do, we question everyuthing in our lives in our early 20’s to figure out where you stand is any different from what you were taught.


Classic Fowler sunset

I came to treasure my time at Fowler and what I learned there. We learn to have fun when even if it’s raining. We learn to not take more than you need, we learn to look for others and never loose track of where your buddy is. We learn to sing before and after every meal. We learn to have quiet time to reflect and let things settle into perspective. We learn that there are good people and role models in the world and that all of us no matter how hard we try learn behaviors from our surrounding, and we are always teaching others about how we want to be treated. We learn to trust in something other than ourselves. We learn to live without cell phones for a week. We learn to share food and thoughts with your community because that makes things everything better.


The trail has been much harder than I thought. There is some realy “technical” hiking in that it’s not just a smooth forest floor, but sometimes rocky and loose so you’ve got to watch your step. I’ve got my trust dog Beaumont with me and she seems to be enjoying thisadventure tremendously. She is also taking it a little serious than I thought and while she is very mild in Saratoga she doesn’t like people getting to close to me in the wilderness. WE are there to protect each other. Mydad came out to meet me on my last night of the NP tr initials). I won’t go into detail but I’ll say this is pretty bad ass not everybody can do that. I’m a lucky dude.

Since I’ve only done a portion, I’m prepping for the next leg. I hope I’ll have time