Feng Shui Door and The Cosmic Heart

After getting the Niskayuna building, we were left with the terrifying reality of having to renovate it to our aesthetic, as well as get it up to code.
I contacted a rather mysterious Feng Shui consultant to help us with interior design. She listened with wrapped attention about the details of the business. She asked a myriad of questions but she really zeroed on on some problems we were having with our door.

Door Swing

I told her I needed to change the direction of the swing, as it’s old direction would not allow wheelchair accessibility. This project was taking place during last years closures, and I attempted them myself. That project proved to be much harder than I thought. To reverse the door, the inside would now be the outside and all the hardware would need to be switched. That meant I had to install a new lock set and opening bar and refinish the door. Tasks that look approachable on the surface, but I quickly got in over my head. In short, we had lots of trouble with the door.

What the Door Represents

Joanna, our Feng Shui consultant said the door represents our welcoming of business and the main portal receiving positive energy, the “Mouth of Chi”. From the inside, the door creates a safe container for the healing work we do within. She said a cool front door draws people in and is a way to share details about what you can expect from a business.
She wanted us to get the best front door we could. A door made of wood and glass, and something solid. I commissioned a door made by Tom Zanetti of Zanetti Architectural Millwork. The door is made from locally sourced quartersawn white oak and sports robust hardware. It’s got a generous 40″ opening and is easy for wheelchairs and walkers alike.

16th Birthday

August 13th was the 16th birthday of Bodywork Professionals I’m pleased show you the product of over a year of planning, dreaming and fulfillment. Joanna also wanted us to have and display a Cosmic Heart, a single brass wire fashioned into a double helix, it’s energy moves up and down simultaneously. Amy is holding the Cosmic Heart in the photo above.
The detail and quality that went into our door is a representation of the care and thought you can expect from our work. I want you to know that we are open and thriving, and from the moment you walk in our doors, you are in good hands.