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Corona Mandala

Corona Mandala

Staying at home over the last few weeks has given me a chance to work on some projects that I’d never have found the time to do otherwise. One dream project is to letterpress mandalas from my friend Allison (her work hangs in our Saratoga office). Mandalas are an ancient art form, both spiritual and mathematical in nature. Creating or coloring them is known to be relaxing, even meditative.
While I’ve wanted to do this for years, at this moment I found myself looking at them through the glasses of a pandemic. I see similarities in size and shape of the virus that seems to be in charge of our world, and the shape and crown points of these mandalas. A Corona Mandala.

Quarantine Projects

Making these in quarantine became a way of facing the virus and it’s effects on me and the world around me. It took my business and gave me fear and worry, but also gave me time for my family and dream projects. I enjoyed making these so much I found myself transmitting mandalas to friends and family so I could inoculate them with love. With young kids at home and plenty of time to color, I realized I’d forgotten how relaxing and absorbing it can be to do. This is also an effort to support Bodyworks while we are closed. I’m delighted to share these with you.


These can be colored in an evening, but I suggest you linger over them. Coloring is a process that unfolds and you’ll get to the end before you know it. I promise you’ll be a little sad when they are complete, so dont rush. As always, a good tool makes the everything better. I suggest Art Pens or Pen Brushes. The paper used for these mandala is really absorbent so you’ll need a marker with some juice. Water color or acrylic and pencils also work great.
The mandalas are printed on exquisite 222# Mohawk Strathmore paper just like our gift certificates. The imprint of the lines makes it easy to color and you’ll produce something beautiful. These mandalas can be a visual memento of a very interesting time in life. Frame them and and please share them with me

Thank you to Allison Petroski

None of this would be possible without the work and vision of Allison Petroski. Allison is a brilliant artist and coach. Her work can be found in every treatment room in both Bodywork Professionals studios. As you color them, you’ll find her work in these mandalas organic, living, and filled with interesting little secrets. Please check out her website to learn more about her work –
I realize many of you are in a difficult financial position, are or have a LOT of time with your kids. You’ll find a link below for a free downloads of the images to be printed at home.
These are a great gift for someone who may be isolated or is feeling a little blue as this wears on.

How to Order

10×10″ prints or a set of 4-4″ coasters are $10. Buy all 4 prints and I’ll send the coasters for free. Save on shipping with pickup option at checkout. ORDER HERE



Allison’s Mandals for Download