BWP3: Niskayuna

I’m excited to announce that the next Bodywork Professionals location will be at 1343 Balltown Road in Niskayauna, opening sometime this spring.

We’ve been working on this idea for over a year now, and finally found a building that really suits our needs. We’ve purchased it and are currently making some minor renovations to get everything just right. We plan to officially open in May, but we hope to  start seeing clients before then.

The building itself is located in Old Niskayuna, just across from the CVS between Union St. and the co-op.  This is my old stomping grounds, as I grew up in Rotterdam and lived on Union Street for a while. I’ve traveled on Balltown Road a million times and never really considered a space there until recently.

Amy Alcaide moved to Niskayuna with her husband, Ceferino, a few years ago. She loves it there and suggested the area as a possible location. I began to really think about it and finally realized that it would be a great addition for us, but I simply couldn’t do it properly with my other business and family obligations.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Amy Alcaide will be a managing partner at the new location. She has a stake in both the building and the business, and she will be the Matron of Bodywork Professionals Niskayuna. While I plan to be there on Tuesdays, my work and contributions will be more focused on the overall direction of the three businesses and Amy will, in large part, run the Niskayuna location.

For those of you who don’t know Amy, let me tell you a little about her.  Amy applied to Bodyworks with hands down the most unusual resume I’d ever seen. It was more like a vision board with photos and captions. There were photos of her dancing and posing in the streets of New York, and she had her trademark gloriously crazy hair.

Amy is a performer by trade, a yoga teacher by training, and a highly skilled massage therapist by craft. Clients are naturally drawn to her so she became popular quickly – she is frequently booked out for 2 months.  She also teaches yoga and dance so is used to moving at a breakneck pace. She became popular quickly as clients are naturally drawn to her (she is sometimes booked for 2 months out currently), and she was teaching dance and yoga at a breakneck pace. She once told me she wanted to be able to make her own living teaching yoga and doing massage, and starting from school she made those things happen – through working sometimes 15 hour days and often 7 days a week. She never gave up a chance to fill in for a sick colleague, or take over a class.

Amy has traveled extensively in Thailand and India, experiences that she holds dearly and were transformative to her personally. She found herbal remedies not available at CVS, as well teas and tinctures. She took a nap under the Bodhi tree (the same one under which the Buddha found enlightenment) and brought me home a leaf.

In addition to being a popular therapist here at Bodyworks, she is a legendary teacher at the Hot Yoga Spot. She has a gift of language and is a skilled communicator and listener. She is a regular contributor to our Client Tips page as well.

Amy reminded me recently that I taught her Business Development class when she was in massage school. In those days I was still learning about teaching but I knew a enough about massage therapy and business to know that many therapists were going to have a hard time right out of school. I formulated a class to simulate that experience while still having fun. Everybody had to create a business plan, but each member had to roll the dice.

No matter you hard work, there is still some uncertainty in business. Dynamic thinking and problem solving are important to overcoming the many challenges that come up each day. It also takes vision and the ability to really believe you can make your dreams happen.

I always wanted Bodywork Professionals to be a place for therapists to thrive and, through hard work and skill make a good living, and this partnership takes that to new heights.  I’ve based this new endeavor on the Stewarts model where each Stewarts store has a manager who shares in the profit. There is a central system that services and promotes the business but the operations are run at a local level. As Matron of Bodywork Professionals Niskayuna, Amy will be the nucleus around which we clothe the business.

This is an exciting experiment and I’m sure there will be things to learn along the way. I’m eager to see this new operation come to life.