Bodyworks Hibernation

Like everyone, we have found our cave and settled in for a period of rest and isolation. When we first closed I suggested we’d be dark for a week, but at this point we are planning a month at a minimum and preparing for longer as needed.
Many of you have asked about the safety and well being of the staff. First, thank you for that concern. The hardest decision for me to arrive at during this was to lay off my staff. They are my friends and work family and I felt the best thing for me to do was pull the rip cord so they could receive unemployment benefits. They are all doing well, in good spirits, and we are in daily contact. All staff will be rehired when we return to operations.
I’ve got young cubs at home, and they love it when I chase them around. I announce convincingly “I’m going to get you, and when I do….!” then I chase them around on all fours and tickle them until they can’t breath. Being home in the cave has some benefits.
Fun fact: Bears eat rocks and twigs right before they hibernate and form a plug that stops up their digestive system until they expel it in the spring. A word of advice: If you run into any bears while on nature walks, avoid them as they may be a little cranky until they pass their plug 🙂