Bodyworks Autumn News

New Webpage

I’m delighted to announce a newly redesigned website. We but an emphasis on quick loading from a cell phone and added some new ideas that I hope to see evolve how our site is used

We started redesigning our website during the off time of this spring, and I’m pleased to finally share our new look with you.

The webpage was build from the ground up for quick loading speed on a mobile device, simplicity of use, and intuitive design.

We’ve added some experimental new features like a visual display of treatments from lighter to deeper, and color coding them to help further express the type of work.

The shop and cart functions allow for an easy and familiar checkout process.

You’ll find a directory of therapist on each of our location pages.Our Staff


I welcome any feedback as there is always room for improvement.


Nick’s Pandemic Pole Barn

I started work on my backyard barn in March this year. It’s a pole barn constructed with logs from my yard and rough cut pine timbers.

Planting something in the ground, making something real and stable that I could get my hands on was a form of therapy during the spring of 2020.

It’s got a reclaimed slate roof and sliding doors built to repel an invading army.

I used a Falun red paint for the exterior. Falun is a mixture of pine tar, iron oxide and linseed oil. It’s a traditional formulation used in New England with Scandinavian roots designed to keep critters out.

I worked on this pandemic pole barn for an hour a day for about 3 months. There were a few full days mixed in around my birthday and Father’s Day. There is always more work to do but in large part it’s complete and it’s keeping my tools dry.

The thing I like best is the smell. It’s a mixture of the pine tar, rough cut lumber, gasoline and rope.