Bodywork Specialist – New Service Category

Bodywork Specialist

Bodywork Specialist

Bodywork Specialist

Over the last few years, many of my therapist have used time and treasure to take on educational opportunities that make their work exceptional. We are creating a new service category called “Specialist” so we can add these special services from the practitioners that provide them.

These therapist offer Specialist modalities that require training and a pursuit of their passion. These trainings come at no small cost in time and treasure.

Bodywork Specialist sessions are conducted by expert therapist, and this new category and pricing rewards the therapist for their additional training and skill.

Specialist modalities are offered on a more limited basis as there may be only one or two therapist trained in these skills.

We will continue to offer or standard offerings (Swedish, Deep, Thai, Medical) everyday at all locations.

Specialist sessions are $125 for a 60 minute session and $185 for a 90 Minute Session.  Specialist sessions include:

These session types are offered by select specialist and may have limited availability.

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