Scarwork Workshop 2022 PODCAST – Bodywork Guild

Scarwork Workshop

We hosted the amazing Sharon Wheeler in Saratoga Springs for a 4 day Scarwork Workshop produced by the Bodywork Guild.

Scars are absolutely astonishing structures built to hear and protect you. They do sometimes cause problems with pain, limited movement and can look like, well they look like a scar.

The work Sharon developed helps take this chaotic tissue and mold it into a more natural place. She uses the work “reassemble” in my podcast below from her first lecture and that is a lot of what it feels like.

I drilled a hole in my hand (by accident) building my barn a couple years ago. With the pain came some shame and embarrassment of being stupid enough to jeopardize my lively hood and years of numbness and tingeing in the associated finger.

My first time having it worked on was at this workshop as until now there are no ScarWork specialist in the area. It was truly amazing, not only that this gentle approach could work, but what a huge difference just one session would make.

Hear directly from Sharon in the short podcast link below.



Scarwork Workshop Scarwork Workshop Scarwork Workshop Scarwork Workshop