The Benefits of Mother and Infant Massage

Your health becomes even more important when you become pregnant since you are caring for your own health as well as your unborn baby’s. Important health benefits which prenatal massage give you and your baby include:

  • The improvement of oxygen, blood and nutrient flow for both mom and baby
  • Reduction of swelling
  • Lessening of stress and tension and promotion of relaxation
  • Decrease is pelvic and hip pain
  • Relief of painful body parts like the hips and back
  • The relaxation and loosening of stiff joints and tight muscles
  • Gaining of proper and adequate sleep
  • Lessening of frustrating mood swings
  • Lowering of stress hormones in the woman’s body
  • Lowering the likelihood of premature birth
  • The minimizing of obstetrical problems
  • Decrease of the likelihood of postnatal difficulties in the baby
  • Lessening the likelihood of anxiety and depression in the woman
  • Helping facilitate the labor of the woman
  • Helping provide quality and adequate sleep for the woman
  • Increasing muscle tone and improving skin tone of the woman

A qualified and well-experienced prenatal massage therapist can relax those muscles that have been strained and tightened with child bearing. This massage therapy is so relaxing and soothing that it makes some mothers happy and gives them a brighter perspective of their pregnancy. Getting just about 20 minutes of prenatal massage two times a week for five weeks can provide you with the aforementioned benefits listed above.

Infant massage, on the other hand, also helps relax the baby and decreases his stress level which it already has even at a very young age. In a particular study performed in London, England done in 1992, the study revealed that the level of cortisol was considerably lowered in premature babies who have received massage.

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Massage further reinforces the bond of the mother and her baby. Even fathers can foster a special bond when they involve themselves in infant massage. Providing massage for your baby helps stimulate the baby’s gastrointestinal, nervous and circulatory systems. This was verified in 1986 when a study done in the Miami Medical Center in Florida showed that babies prematurely born who were massaged gained weight faster and were more active and alert after six days of infant massage than infants who were not given massage.

Massage can help treat gas and colic and regulate the baby’s sleeping patterns. It also gives the baby good sensory stimulation which is very important for the baby’s development and growth. It does also provide you a fantastic means to communicate with your baby. If you are interested in availing the many benefits of prenatal and infant massage, you can go to your doctor and see if he can recommend well-experienced and qualified prenatal and infant therapists for your pregnancy and for your baby.