Advanced Rolf Structural Integration workshop with Neal Powers

I love San Francisco. I feel a spark of energy when I’m there, a flash of creativity and taste for adventure. Neal Powers is a terrific guy, a wonderful teacher and one of the remaining old timers in the Rolf world.

This work requires the practitioner to peel away layers and keep finding new ways of applying and thinking about the work. It takes raising up to get a ten thousand foot vantage, and using a jewelers loop to get an up close look.

Teachers like Neal and masters at learning and teaching and that seems to be one of the tricks they have up their sleeve. The hide wisdom in knowledge and let us uncover it. They hide diamonds in plane sight but after the class we get to see the sparkle.

They show us the thing we’ve been looking at for 20 years and allow us to see it fresh all over again.

I felt kind of “east coast” in the class. One of my lessons was to take a breath, back away sometimes. That’s probably good advice for life. Neal would walk himself into a corner then just wait there for a bit and it was like the world reorganized around him and some new door would open. I admire the bravery in it, room for spontaneity, for surprise.

For those that know me, you’ll know I crave adventure and I found I went for a little micro adventure and absolutely squealed at having to find my way around some cliffs at high tide early in the morning to make my way to class on time.

I’m leaving with 8 new friends and colleagues and some new ideas about the work. I’m looking forward to sharing with you all.