A New Me

Here is a great article from a beloved client and wonderful author Amy Halloran:

Nick made my whole year new.

I’d heard about him for a while from a friend he helped. She’d had a
shoulder that was stuck from an old sports injury, and he unglued it,
gave her range of motion back.

I needed some help with my back. I had an injury of exuberance
that kept echoing in exuberantly unpleasant ways. When I was
19, I jumped down a flight of stairs and hit my head on a concrete
doorframe at the bottom, landing hard on the concrete floor. I shifted
my fifth lumbar vertebrae a little, and that little misalignment had
been barking ever since.

I’m 45, and the barking has grown louder over the years. In 2011,
I threw out my back three times, taking to the sofa for a week or
two each round. I tried doing yoga and walking to keep things from
rebelling, but always, I returned to hurt as my baseline.

Last January, I decided I really needed to fix this. I got Nick’s number
again, and this time, I dialed it. I set up one appointment, and loved it
and him so much that I went for the full series.

I wanted to reinvent my relationship with my body, and Nick facilitated
that. Not once last year did I spend a day or a week on the sofa, let
alone two. Sure, I had hints of pain, but with the help of structural
integration, I had a better awareness of the movement and stretching
I needed to do to address my threatening aches.

I tried to get Nick to explain to me why this was working, and I got
a rudimentary understanding of fascia and muscles and my skeleton.
I knew little bits about my body from taking a movement class that
focused on anatomy, and from working with different chiropractors
and massage therapists over the years. The manipulations Nick
performed, and his explanations, built on these basics. I know enough
not to hurt myself now.

Physically, he moved that old injury to back shelf. Is it still there? I
don’t know. I think of it as a problem that doesn’t need to complain as
much as it once did.

Beyond preventing pain, the experience of working with Nick opened
me in a lot of ways. I sit straighter ? don’t look too close, I’m still a
slouch, but a more self-aware slouch! I feel more ready to explore
life with my body and mind. I ran more. I met more people, and dove
more fully into the subjects that engage me as a writer. In October,
I split firewood for the first time ? even though I’ve spent decades in

houses heated with wood.

Now the year is changing again, and I hope I can maintain the
curiosity of body and mind Nick helped foster. Thanks for giving me a
new way to be inside me!