A Gift that Stands Out- Handcrafted Gift Certificates

What can we give this year that will stand out?  What will show them we are grateful for them? The Holiday Season is upon us once again.  A magical time of year… but something nagging: we are all racking our brains for the perfect gifts for our loved ones.

Well we’ve got your answer: Massage and Bodywork from Bodywork Professionals.

Though a Gift Certificate from Bodywork Professionals is so easy for you to get, the thought behind it is tremendous.

First, Bodywork Professionals is the industry leader of Massage and Bodywork in the Capital Region.  Our family of therapists are not only amazingly kind and giving but are also some of the best and most educated therapists in the area.  Massage and Bodywork, health and caring for others are their passions.  They are interested in the incredible science behind their craft as well as the interpersonal relationships that their work requires.  You can trust that your loved one will literally be ‘in good hands’ when you send them to Bodywork Professionals.

Second, a gift of Massage or Bodywork shows your loved one that you care about their well-being.  You want to see them thrive.  Massage and Bodywork can be perfect for everyone from your hard-working partner, to your elderly parents, to your active kids, to your most deserving best friends.  It can be just the ticket for someone with a lot on their mind and can help return a hard-working body to optimal performance.  Your gift could be the spark of wellness that your loved one has been looking for and more than deserves.

Third, at Bodywork Professionals we don’t want to be just a gift certificate for your loved one to open.  Owner Nick Pavoldi prides himself every year on hand-crafting each certificate on his very own antique printing press.  Nick sees this part of the Gift as so important that he puts his own fingers at risk to produce the one-of-a-kind masterpieces.  Bodywork Professional’s business is touch, so why not have a gift certificate that feels good too!

Finally, getting a gift certificate from Bodywork Professionals is SO EASY and affordable too.

You can drop into the office 7 days a week, you can order your gift certificate online and have it shipped to you free of charge, and you can even print your gift certificate right from your very own computer.

Our Deals this year are as follows:

$75 or $10 off any single gift certificate or in-house session by 12/31/15 when you mention this blog

3 1-hour Massage or Bodywork sessions for $220

5 1-hour Massage or Bodywork sessions for $350

Our best deal of the year – THE GOLDEN TICKET:

10 1-hour Massage or Bodywork sessions for $643!!

10 90-min Massage or Bodywork sessions for $943!!

Come by on Black Friday and receive a free chair massage.

Keep an eye out for our Cyber Monday one day only deals too.

2016 Gift certificate