A faithful adventure on the Path

I spent much of this summer in the Adirondacks. I did a good portion of the Northville-Lake Placid trail with my dog, and I volunteered for a week at Camp Fowler in Speculator.

NP trail sign

In both adventures, a theme emerged of faith and being faithful. My dog Beaumont showing me what being faithful means as she has earned her Faithful Dog badge. Dogs really are mans best friend. She was ever vigilant, incredible hard working and a great companion that I knew I could rely on being happy and ready. There is an endearment to “Let’s do it” that simply can’t be underestimated.

Many years ago I was a camper and staff member at Fowler and learned much of my leadership skills from this Christian environment. Volunteering much all these years later was a process in re-discovery and what faith means in practice. The Fowler theme was “The Way” and that worked for my recent backpacking trip as well as there is a path you have to follow to avoid getting lost in the wilderness.

Beaumont on the Path
N-P Trail

The Path

Here are some thoughts from the path:

The path is has twists and turns with unexpected and sometimes delightful long cuts.
The path has hazards and can sprain an ankle or twist a knee.
The path is exhausting and asks everything that you have, and

This place is pretty remote

This place is pretty remote

it demands more because all you have doesn’t get you to a safe place to stay.
The path is better with a faithful friend.
The path is chaos and elegance
The path is both beautiful and dangerous
The path alive
The path gives you everything you need, just as you need it.
The path is harder depending on your mood
The path offers beautiful views but sometimes its just boring
The path is much harder when the load you are carrying a heavy load. Get rid of excess ballast whenever possible
The path will be over someday and regardless of how hard it was you’ll wish you were back on it.