5 Surprising Benefits of Massage Therapy

5 Surprising Benefits of Massage Therapy

Laurie Larson

Massage therapy is a great way to relieve built up tension in your life, and also a great way to treat yourself to something relaxing and healthy. Whether it’s something you do for yourself or a gift for someone in your life, a massage from a licensed professional can help you feel more relaxed and energized in every aspect of your life.

Here are 5 surprising benefits of massage therapy.

  1. It can help you recover from an injury.

It’s fairly common for athletes and amateurs recovering from a strained or pulled muscle to get a massage. Before we talk about that’s it’s important to understand the different types of massages.

Deep Tissue Massage is the type of massage therapy that most people picture when thinking of a massage. This is where sustained pressure using slow and deep strokes is used to work the inner layers of your muscles and their connected tissues. It’s a common way to treat sports injuries and deep-rooted tension

Swedish Massage is a gentler form of massage done with the hands where the massage therapist will use their fingers only, instead of their forearms and elbows. This is a softer and less targeted type of massage that can help with more general, chronic pain.

Both of these methods can help you while you’re recovering from a strain or injury. If you’ve hurt yourself playing tennis or golf, you may want to ask about a deep tissue massage. If you’re sore from long hours in an office chair, a swedish massage might be a better fit.

  1. Massage therapy can help your anxiety.

One of the physical effects of an anxiety disorder is often tension in the muscles, especially in the shoulders and neck. Massage therapy works to relieve this tension and can help your body return to calmer and looser state.

It has a strong record  of success in helping relieve anxiety and anxiety symptoms, but is not a treatment in the same way that counseling is. Rather, massage therapy can help create a mental state of relaxation by creating a physical state of relaxation that calms the individual.

  1. You’ll get better sleep.

One of the best things massage therapy can do for you is relieve back pain. Almost 80% of Americans experience back pain to an extent where it affects their daily lives. A deep tissue massage is one of the best ways to treat back pain, as it can target knotted muscles in the lower back and obliques that are often the cause of pain.

Getting rid of this back pain is going to help with your entire quality of life, but most notably, it’s going to help you sleep better. Back pain is one of the leading causes of nighttime discomfort and results in substantial sleep loss in adults. Massage therapy can help you feel better at night so you can feel better all day long.

  1. It improves your circulation. 

Adults who spend most of their time in the office may find that they don’t have great circulation. While regular exercise like running and swimming is the best way to improve circulation, massage therapy can also help you out.

Massage will stimulate the flow of blood vessels and lymph vessels through your body, thus increasing your circulation. Applying pressure to your muscle groups that may being seeing the least use will help move the blood to them and ease aches and soreness that could be resulting from poor circulation.

  1. Improve your flexibility. 

Athletes don’t just use massage therapy for injuries, they also regularly receive massages to improve flexibility. Physical trainers often learn how to give certain massages in order to loosen muscles that players place a lot of strain on in order to improve performance and reduce risk of injury.

While we aren’t all athletes, massage therapy can be a great way to improve flexibility for someone following a workout routine. Getting a regular massage while strength training or training for a race can help you stay at the top of your game and avoid injury just like the pros.

Take care of your self to do the things you love!

There are a lot of things massage therapy can help you with. From relaxing, to sleeping, to performing better in the gym, it’s definitely something that’s worth your time. Making sure that your body is limber and relaxed will help you in everything you do and give your more time and energy for the things you love.