What Bodyworks means to Saratoga

I grew up in Saratoga.  I went to Saratoga High School, I went to lots of shows at SPAC, all of my friends worked at the Racetrack at one point or another, I walked downtown after school, we paraded down Broadway for homecoming, some of my friends went to Skidmore and some of their parents taught there.  I remember when the town was smaller, and I’ve watched the city transform and grow over the years.  I’ve come to know Saratoga as a thriving, interesting, safe and happy place, and now living here in my hometown in adulthood I can really appreciate all of these qualities that I just knew to be ‘home’ as a child.

This is how home should feel.  The town is full of energy.  Its residents are interested in life, in health, in community and in happiness.

For these reasons, it made perfect sense to expand Bodywork Professionals into this beautiful location.  Bodywork Professionals was founded in 2005 in Latham, NY and over the past 10 years has become established as a place of reliable, consistent, and the top-most quality massage and bodywork.  Each of our therapists works with each of their clients as a unique individual.  We recognize that every client comes to the table with their own story and we know how to support and nourish that story.  We are experts in Massage Therapy and Bodywork.  We value education and learning, but possibly more importantly we value human connection, kindness, honesty and individuality.

We offer a haven in Saratoga where your mind and your body may be quieted.  A place where you are safe to be yourself, and find within yourself support and security.  At Bodywork Professionals we hope to brighten the already beautiful city of Saratoga Springs one smile at a time as each of you head out satisfied into your community.

Massage and Bodywork can be beneficial for individuals across all age ranges and activity levels.  Whether you are a new mom, a hard-working dad, whether you consider yourself old or young, in college or in retirement, there is massage and bodywork that is right for you.

Whoever you are, whatever you do, you are using your body.  You are requiring it to perform and it could be more comfortable.  Right at the heart of your Saratoga Springs, Bodywork Professionals feels the pulse of the community and offers a service without rival.


Written By: Evan VanDyk, LMT

Managing Therapist at Bodywork Professionals