10 Massage Tips for Lovebirds

Giving a massage to someone you love is a great way to show that you care, and they will TOTALLY love you for it. It’s not easy and i can’t explain step by step what to do. you have to let your instincts guide you there. But, here are some tips that will make you seem like you know exactly what you are doing.


Massage Tips for Lovebirds

    1. PREPARE THE SPACE:  Couches are ok, but are a little low and require a lot of leaning. A bed will work great but remember to keep your loved one on the side or the end laying lengthwise if its a queen or bigger, and make SURE you can access their head, neck and scalp. Have a chair or stool ready at the head end.
    2. SET THE MOOD:  Ideal music is something without words to be keep is low and in the background. Be sure the room is plenty warm and some candle may add a gentle relaxing touch. If you have to, buy a relaxing CD, it is worth it, but a relaxing Pandora station may work nicely as well.
    3. OIL OR CREAM:  Get the good stuff. We use Biotone cream and jojoba oil. This should be ready and easy to access during all of the massage. The right cream makes all the difference for a smooth session, if it absorbs too quickly you are left re-applying all the time.
    4. MOVE SLOW!:  Don’t rush anything. Plan to work for 40 minutes to an hour. It may seem like a long time but it will fly by to the person you are working on.
    5. RULE OF THREES:  Do everything 3 times. This first stroke is new, the second creates the pattern and the third time is awesome!
    6. LISTEN:  A body has tons to say without words. Let your hands listen and stay in an area that wants your attention.  Watch for toes or fingers flexing to indicate you may be using too much pressure.
    7. LONG STROKES:  Try to get as much of the body as you can in your strokes, especially in the beginning. This is great on the legs, arms, and back.
    8. COMPRESSION:  Compression is just using both hands on the body part, and leaning in with your body weight. This feels great and does not require lotion or cream. Move up and down as you repeat.
    9. HANDS AND FEET:  If it feels awkward to do the rest of the body, spend lots of time on the hands and feet. Hands are very sensitive and once you start to explore have a lot of parts. Knuckles need attention. Fingers feel good. Use both your thumbs to spread the palms out and you’ll be working like a pro. How can you go wrong with a foot rub?
    10. HEAD AND SCALP:  Get comfortable at the head end with a chair and take some time here. Hold your beloved’s head and slowly move it from side to side. Remember, a body’s main goal is self-preservation so in order to achieve the maximum relaxation for your partner you must establish palpable trust in the connection between your hands and their head. Moving slowly from the head, gently but firmly push the shoulders down toward the feet and wait for a count of 10. Turn the head to one side and work the neck muscles on the side facing up. Be careful not to go too far forward near the throat, and if you feel a pulsing you are on the CAROTID ARTERY which should not receive any pressure. Work on both sides of the neck evenly. Hold the head in your hands and rub the scalp around the ears and on the back of the head. This ALWAYS feel awesome.
  1. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing someone who is deeply relaxed and at peace. Look at them as they lie there and  think about how much you love this person as you work on them. Intentions and thought are a powerful tools in massage. I cant tell you how to do everything, but you have it in you to do a wonderful massage and your partner will love you for it.  Good luck!!