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What a Pandemic Feels Like

How does it effect us? This pandemic is being experienced in a very physical way by many of us. Maybe the work from home setup is not ideal. Or, if you are like me, the regular workout and maintenance routine has slipped away. Or it could be you feel the burden of the entire world’s worry… Read more »

The case against juice

We all know that diet is a super important part of a healthy life. There has been a wonderful health-conscious trend towards things like non-gmo foods. Fresh juices have also become very popular. Advocates of fresh juice say that it distills the essence of fruits and vegetables into an easy to consume form. Juice contains… Read more »


You may already know that Bodywork Professionals is offering its very popular summertime special of three massages for $220. You may think this is just a promotional offer, aimed at boosting business during the busy summer season. You’d only be partially right. While our Latham location has been in existence for ten years and is… Read more »


It’s now been three weeks since my last session of Rolf Structural Integration (SI) with Nick Pavoldi, the only Advanced SI practitioner in the Capital Region, and owner of Bodywork Professionals at 11 Spring Street in Saratoga Springs. During that session, we worked on my body’s relationship with the ground, and I learned how important… Read more »

Rolf Structural Integration – The Journey Continues Session # 2: Feet

Yesterday morning, I headed over to Bodywork Professionals in Saratoga Springs for my next session of Rolf Structural Integration (SI) body work with Nick Pavoldi. Nick is the only Advanced Rolf Structural Integration Practitioner in the Albany region and only one of a handful of practitioners statewide.  I considered my very fortunate that he had… Read more »

Get Ready to Run! Massage and Bodywork for Runners

Get Ready to Run With springtime warmth and sunshine just around the corner, Saratoga will begin to see a lot more runners out and about on the streets and trails. Many of them are seasoned runners and a lot of them will be new to the sport. Regardless of the level of expertise or fitness,… Read more »

Dad Deserves It!

A recent article in Men’s Health magazine talks about the many benefits of massage therapy and how men in particular can benefit from regular sessions.  However, the typical guy tends to ignore things like going to the doctor – let alone indulging themselves with a massage treatment.  All too often, they’re coaching little league, tending… Read more »

Craniosacral Therapy as a Way of Life

By Kathleen Gates, LMT What’s going on in your life? How do you manage wellness and stress? How does self-regulation enter into the equation? The work being done by the therapist during a biodynamic craniosacral session aids and allows for the recipient to attune and adjust (ie. self regulate) to achieve optimal wellness. How is… Read more »

Who is the Feldenkrais Method good for?

Who is the Feldenkrais Method® for? Many of my peers in the Feldenkrais Method® prefer to, and excel at, working with certain populations.  There are practitioners who work specifically with Professional Dancers, Professional Musicians, or Professional Athletes.  While others specialize in working with children with neurological difficulties, the elderly, or pregnant women.   The bottom… Read more »

What is the Feldenkrais Method?

The Feldenkrais Method®: Making the “impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant” – Moshe Feldenkrais   The Feldenkrais Method® is a deliberate conversation with an individual’s nervous system about its body’s functioning and efficiency in action.  The language of this conversation is movement. What does the The Feldenkrais Method do? The Feldenkrais Method®… Read more »