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What is the theory behind the Feldenkrais Method?

The Feldenkrais Method® is not easy to explain, but rather is much easier to understand through experience…  But here goes! This is the theory behind the Feldenkrais Method® and my interpretation of it.  Read it slowly, read it again, take it all in…enjoy! Over the years, through our life experiences, injuries, social interactions and our… Read more »

Staying healthy and warm though the winter

Wow – my thermometer read -11 degrees this morning!! “Baby it’s cold outside” – the song by Dean Martin, has some interesting (ahem) suggestions for warming up with his lusty lady friend.  But how shall we make healthy choices to not only stay warm, but away from illness this winter season? 1. Exercise – pumping… Read more »

Lindsay’s Garden Blog: In the Weeds

Hello!  I have been neglectful lately with too many things, as I see my last garden blog post was about one month ago!  Wow – apparently the act of gardening has taken up so much of my “free time” that the act of blogging about gardening has fallen to second place.  One would think that… Read more »

Stress and the Brain-Jaw Axis

Some of the most common pathologies I see at Bodywork Professionals are jaw tightness, pain and temporal-mandibular joint disorder (TMJD). Some people are aware of their jaw issues and come in specifically to address them. Others aren’t aware of their jaw tension until I make contact with it.

Capital Region Healthy Businesses

  Local Healthy Businesses The Pilates Principle EStudio Hot Yoga Saratoga Hot Yoga The Center For Nia and Yoga Center For Natural Wellness School of Massage Local massage Helen Lawson Home Fitness Trainers 518-374-5968 (cell) Affordable fitness training in the convenience of your home, office or gym!

Camille’s Mega Awesome Bars! Our Treat to You!

Our good friend Camille has made some bars that are ideal for post workout or between meals. They are made with all organic nuts, seeds and nut butter. They are gluten and dairy free, as well as vegan. AND they taste awesome!!! Drop by for a FREE one today as our gift to our beloved… Read more »