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Fathers Day Thoughts

Being a dad has been a constantly changing experience. Many parts of life have been completely redefined and reoriented towards a new kind of happiness. A happiness that in a lot of ways isnt personally happy at all. There is the cleaning, cleaning of household, poop, germs that is constant and crushing even when I’m… Read more »

Dad Deserves It 2018

 This is a very special fathers day for me. In addition to being a dad of the beautiful Ophelia, and Step Dad to the awesome Reily, the big news is my wife Chanel and I are expecting a new baby in August! Additionally, my dad published his new book “Investing Kindergarten: The Simple Truth That’s… Read more »

The case against juice

We all know that diet is a super important part of a healthy life. There has been a wonderful health-conscious trend towards things like non-gmo foods. Fresh juices have also become very popular. Advocates of fresh juice say that it distills the essence of fruits and vegetables into an easy to consume form. Juice contains… Read more »

Mother’s Day

Each year we take time to pause, acknowledge the depth and enormity of sacrifice and work by mother’s worldwide, from our own home towns to villages and cities around the world. And the saying is true, “a woman’s work is never done”, especially when she is a mother. Whether it’s for your own mom, a… Read more »

Which Session Length Best Suits Your Needs?

Becky Morris, LMT New to massage? Picking out a gift for someone else? Unsure how long of a session is best suited for your needs?  Here is a breakdown of which session lengths best suit your needs as offered at Bodywork Professionals.   Each massage is tailor made for you and your needs.  Any amount… Read more »

“It Is Where It Ain’t” Pt. 1 – The Superficial Layer

When someone comes to visit me for a session at my office, I like to watch them stand as the communicate with me the reason for their visit. I’m looking for how they entered the room, or got up from the chair. I’m looking at the way their body settles into gravity and most importantly,… Read more »

Politics Free Environment

Bodywork Professional is a sanctuary of healing and peace. Passions are up and there is a charge around the political environment at the moment. On entry to our office you have our permission, and request to leave that behind for a little while. It’ll be there when you get out and the time at Bodywork… Read more »

Welcome Ophelia Gwendolyn Pavoldi

On Saturday the 7th of January, 2017 my baby daughter Ophelia was born at 3:15 am. I’ll never forget watching her make her way into this world. We waited to find out the gender and I had the honor to tell my wife it was a girl just as she had hoped all along. The… Read more »

Friends and Family Open House December 2nd

On December 2nd, we’ll be hosting an open house along with our neighbors and friends on Spring Street. Antera Home, Chick Underneath, Plum and Crimson and Redwolf will all be offering special discounts or 20-30% or more, food and beverages and some local music and art. Bodyworks will be offering beer samples from Artisanal Brewery… Read more »

Leatherstocking Trade Press – New Home in Saratoga Springs

I’m absolutely delighted to announce the formation of a new enterprise called Leatherstocking Trade Press and it’s new home at the Upstate Distilling House in Saratoga Springs. When I was 12, my dad and I started a business called Leatherstocking Trade Company, after the region I grew up in. We sold used tools, tie dye … Read more »