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Policy on Tips and Gratuity

All sessions conducted at Bodywork Professionals are done to the same level of excellence with no expectation for an additional gift from a client. Tips and gratuity are allowed to be accepted by therapist for excellent work if the client chooses to do so. A tip or gratuity is essentially a separate transaction conducted between the client and… Read more »

Get Ready to Run! Massage and Bodywork for Runners

Get Ready to Run With springtime warmth and sunshine just around the corner, Saratoga will begin to see a lot more runners out and about on the streets and trails. Many of them are seasoned runners and a lot of them will be new to the sport. Regardless of the level of expertise or fitness,… Read more »

Dad Deserves It!

A recent article in Men’s Health magazine talks about the many benefits of massage therapy and how men in particular can benefit from regular sessions.  However, the typical guy tends to ignore things like going to the doctor – let alone indulging themselves with a massage treatment.  All too often, they’re coaching little league, tending… Read more »

The Beauty of Thai Massage

Thai Massage is both relaxing and energizing- it is what you need it to be. Our days are filled from the moment we get up to when we finally rest our heads at night.  We are in constant go mode and our minds and bodies take second seat to the demands of the day.  Thai… Read more »

How do I get Rid of Shoulder Pain?

By Francine Smith We all know that the hips are the center of the body and carry the most weight, but they are also designed to.  Shoulders are a lot trickier; shoulder joints are really only half-sockets and it’s the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that hold the arm in place. Since time is money I’ll… Read more »

I ♥︎ Mom~Mothers Day Gift Certificate

Each year we issue a limited release special gift certificate at Mother’s Day. To honor mothers we also offer a great deal: $67 for a One Hour Massage or Bodywork Gift Certificate Your mom really needs this even if she doesn’t know it herself. Moms sometimes have the habit of caring for everyone else except… Read more »

5 Massage Tips for Love Birds

Here are some of my pro secrets about giving a good massage. These are good for Valentines or anytime. 1. Stay focused, Keep sexy time out of it (for now) Give yourself to your partner first. Commit to the session for a period of time and stay focused on your loved one. Attention is key:… Read more »

A New Me

Here is a great article from a beloved client and wonderful author Amy Halloran: Nick made my whole year new. I’d heard about him for a while from a friend he helped. She’d had a shoulder that was stuck from an old sports injury, and he unglued it, gave her range of motion back. I… Read more »

Stress and the Brain-Jaw Axis

Some of the most common pathologies I see at Bodywork Professionals are jaw tightness, pain and temporal-mandibular joint disorder (TMJD). Some people are aware of their jaw issues and come in specifically to address them. Others aren’t aware of their jaw tension until I make contact with it.