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Low Back Pain

-Terri Fitzgerald, LMT LBP effects millions of people every year, physically and financially as it directly correlates to lost time at work therefore lost wages. There is also an emotional toll of living with chronic pain. One goes from feeling strong, capable and competent to feeling debilitated, tired and not able to do the same… Read more »

Feng Shui Door and The Cosmic Heart

After getting the Niskayuna building, we were left with the terrifying reality of having to renovate it to our aesthetic, as well as get it up to code. I contacted a rather mysterious Feng Shui consultant to help us with interior design. She listened with wrapped attention about the details of the business. She asked… Read more »

Updated mask policy

Our current policy is as follows: Masks are mandatory for non-vaccinated clients/ staff Masks are optional for vaccinated clients in session Masks are worn by default by therapist in session Masks are optional for vaccinated clients and staff outside of session I’ve struggled a bit with having separate policies regarding vaccination at the office. We… Read more »

Massage Tips for Love Birds 2021 – Facemask edition

Massage tips for at home. Each year I share some massage techniques from the pros anybody can use at home with their loved ones. Your loved one likely has to wear a facemask, and if they are anything like me, the back of my ears and head feel taxed. In an early post I mentioned… Read more »


What a Pandemic Feels Like

How does it effect us? This pandemic is being experienced in a very physical way by many of us. Maybe the work from home setup is not ideal. Or, if you are like me, the regular workout and maintenance routine has slipped away. Or it could be you feel the burden of the entire world’s worry… Read more »

Early Specials page

Please Click the images below for our early specials. 3-One Hour Gift Certificates: $249   3-90 Minute Gift Certificates $360    

Saratoga Springs Shed

Bodyworks Autumn News

New Webpage I’m delighted to announce a newly redesigned website. We but an emphasis on quick loading from a cell phone and added some new ideas that I hope to see evolve how our site is used We started redesigning our website during the off time of this spring, and I’m pleased to finally share… Read more »

Yellow and Green Dragon

Release the Dragon!! CBD and Thai Oil Roll On In Development

In Development: Yellow & Green Dragon We’ve got two new products under development: Yellow Dragon is a Plai (type of ginger) and turmeric base oil with 500mg CBD and used for topical pain relief. Yellow Dragon has a warming effect. Green Dragon is has Plai and eucalyptus with and menthol wth 500mg CBD and great… Read more »