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Bodywork Specialist – New Service Category

Bodywork Specialist Over the last few years, many of my therapist have used time and treasure to take on educational opportunities that make their work exceptional. We are creating a new service category called “Specialist” so we can add these special services from the practitioners that provide them. These therapist offer Specialist modalities that require… Read more »

Bodywork Guild: Scarwork Workshop 2022 PODCAST

We hosted the amazing Sharon Wheeler in Saratoga Springs for a 4 day Scarwork Workshop produced by the Bodywork Guild. Scars are absolutely astonishing structures built to hear and protect you. They do sometimes cause problems with pain, limited movement and can look like, well they look like a scar. The work Sharon developed helps… Read more »

Postcard from Altranise: Myofascial Training in Sedona

Hellooo! It’s breathtaking here in the Sedona desert! Yellow grass against bold, red rocks and trees that look like breathing spirals continues to be soooo aesthetically pleasing. MFR I and MFR Unwinding have been completed. I start MFR II tomorrow. John Barnes is a fascinating being and I am still processing the collective, deep work… Read more »

Cool Scars Needed

We are hosting a ScarWork workshop and need models for our students to work on. If you have a scar that is troublesome to you or you would like to reduce it’s appearance please consider applying to be a model. Time are April 3rd at 9:30 or 2pm, or April 4 at 9:30. The class… Read more »

The Gift of Massage

There is a moment during a really great massage or bodywork session where it feels like the whole world suddenly gels. I like to think it’s the theta state of brainwave activity in which the inner meets me feeling happens.   When I teach classes, I share with students about creating magic in each session…. Read more »

The Shift Toward Healing

There is a point when a malady reaches it’s nadir that the Shift to Healing can begin. It’s a point that fascinates me and learning to identify that moment can be an important part of recovery and healing. If you’ve ever gone surfing, you know the feeling of power and ease of standing on the… Read more »

Free Greeting Card with In-Store Pickup

I’ve had the elegant and beloved Virginia Cantarella design some holiday cards for us. I had the printed on paper made from recycled jeans and t-shirts on Mohawk Renewal paper. Each in shop pick up order will receive a free greeting card while supplies last. We are creating    

Low Back Pain

-Terri Fitzgerald, LMT LBP effects millions of people every year, physically and financially as it directly correlates to lost time at work therefore lost wages. There is also an emotional toll of living with chronic pain. One goes from feeling strong, capable and competent to feeling debilitated, tired and not able to do the same… Read more »