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Ten Years of Bodywork Professionals~Stories from the beginning

I can’t believe it’s been ten years of Bodywork Professionals already. While I started out on my own the business in it’s current for is what I always dreamed it would be. The name Bodywork Professionals something I stewed over for a while. It was originally the Bodywork Studio and even before that just the… Read more »

Lettpress Gift Certificate Production

Each year I get to get my hands in some ink, lube up the press and make the gift certificates for Bodyworks. Everybody has their geek, and for whatever reason mine is paper and ink, producing real things. The fact that my hands do work that can very much be felt it is hard to… Read more »

Garden hibernation

Many emotions are in synch with the natural course of the gardening season, as well as the seasons of life.  This mimics the way that Shiatsu or Eastern Philosophy regards the seasons: Spring is a time of explosive energy, wind, even a type of anger that is related to months of stored potential energy just… Read more »

The Bodywork Adventure ~ Amy in Thailand ~ “Same Same”

By Amy Adams Our daily lives are filled with ritual and tradition.  Whether it be daily meditation, coffee, hygiene patterns, exercise, conversation, or work, the consistency helps define our day and who we are.  Some of our routines ebb and flow naturally, such as with a change in season or age, while others are shifted… Read more »

November 2014 newsletter

Getting ready to Press   I’ll be hitting the letterpress soon to make the 2015 batch of gift certificates and Golden Tickets. We are offering a similar deal to last year, with a single hand made gift certificate for a 1 Hr. massage or bodywork session at $75, three hour sessions for $200 and the… Read more »

The Bodywork Adventure: Amy in Thailand~Taking a Dive

Taking a Dive For years, it has been a huge vision of mine to travel to Thailand. After visiting  as a child with my family (in resistance), I have dreamt of the land, people, and culture- though without recollecting much detail of my experience.  Since my last visit, I have grown and changed- including becoming… Read more »

Time to Harvest

Harvest, according to Wikipedia, is “the process of gathering mature crops from the fields.  The harvest marks the end of the growing season, or the growing cycle for a particular crop, and social importance of this event makes it the focus of seasonal celebrations such as a harvest festival, found in many religions. On smaller farms… Read more »

Why Try Thai

By Rebecca Morris, LMT Thai massage is a technique of passive stretching and compress focusing on the flow of energy your body.   In general massage is amazing both mentally and physically.  No matter what your story is, overuse, underuse or misuse Thai massage can help bring back balance to your body. Athletes Thai Massage… Read more »

A faithful adventure on the Path

I spent much of this summer in the Adirondacks. I did a good portion of the Northville-Lake Placid trail with my dog, and I volunteered for a week at Camp Fowler in Speculator. In both adventures, a theme emerged of faith and being faithful. My dog Beaumont showing me what being faithful means as she… Read more »

Finding time: The Northville-Placid trail and Camp Fowler

We are all really busy it seems, we are a Do society and glad of it. I’m finding that even while I’m on a rest from my session work, I’ve got a loaded plate of activities and adventures. I’ve always wanted to do the Northville-Placid trail. I’ve done a little during my days as staff… Read more »