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I ♥︎ Mom~Mothers Day Gift Certificate

Each year we issue a limited release special gift certificate at Mother’s Day. To honor mothers we also offer a great deal: $67 for a One Hour Massage or Bodywork Gift Certificate Your mom really needs this even if she doesn’t know it herself. Moms sometimes have the habit of caring for everyone else except… Read more »

Nicks interveiw on Tune In to Wellness

I had a great interview with Lisa Marie of Inspiring Wellness Solutions or Tune In To Wellness. My interview is about 10 minutes in but Karen Totino from Green Conscience Home & Garden and Suzanne Amsler regarding her work with Ho opono opono Hawaiian Forgiveness is very interesting. Tune in to Wellness: Episode 21 Nick… Read more »


Staring out our big picture windows here at Bodywork Professionals, watching the blizzard fly and the cars crawl, I consider what it really takes to live in the Northeast.  We are truly a hardy bunch!  Though we complain and curse the winter weather, we still remain living here.  There are many many warmer regions of… Read more »

“What we are not” Reactions to prostitution busts using Massage as a cover

I wrote this as a press release so it’s worded with quotes but it’s applicable for the situation For Immediate Release Licensed Massage Therapist Reacts to Prostitution Busts Owner of legitimate Colonie massage therapy practice Nick Pavoldi fumes over massage parlor using name of his business for illegal activity Despite our greatest efforts, the mainstream… Read more »

Staying healthy and warm though the winter

Wow – my thermometer read -11 degrees this morning!! “Baby it’s cold outside” – the song by Dean Martin, has some interesting (ahem) suggestions for warming up with his lusty lady friend.  But how shall we make healthy choices to not only stay warm, but away from illness this winter season? 1. Exercise – pumping… Read more »

Welcome Andrew~Soon to be KMI Structural Integration Practitioner

Andrew is a recent graduate of the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy and is currently in the process of becoming certified in structural integration through a course called Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI) with Tom Meyers, the author of Anatomy Trains and renowned Rolfer. As part of Andrew’s training he is required to… Read more »

What are the benefits of Deep Tissue massage?

What shall I write about now that the garden is “resting” for the winter season?  NOW – for the lowdown on Deep Tissue Bodywork! While nothing beats the stress-relief of a nice, soothing, Swedish massage, if you have knotted muscles, aches and pains, injuries (past or present), or chronic repetitive motion activities, then a Deep… Read more »

Our Fluid Life

“Our Fluid Life” Kathleen Gates, LMT, CIMI Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy (BCST) is all about being in relationship, and what can happen in that space. The gift is drawing on what is already there, and making space for it to unfold further. As practitioner, I have the unique opportunity to observe (and feel) these shifts in… Read more »

2015 Change in Price for Swedish and Deep Tissue Sessions

On January 1st, 2015 the cost of a one hour Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage will be $85. A 90 minute session of Swedish or Deep Tissue massage will be $120. We’ve had different prices for these sessions in the past and feel that a single price for either session makes more sense. A… Read more »

Gift Certificates are a prefect gift~Top 5 for 2015

After 10 years of running a massage and bodywork business, I can promise you a massage or bodywork session make a prefect gift. Here are the top ten reasons for 2015: 5: Easy to store: This is not a ugly sweater that you feel obliged to store under the bed all year. It stores neatly… Read more »