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Finding time: The Northville-Placid trail and Camp Fowler

We are all really busy it seems, we are a Do society and glad of it. I’m finding that even while I’m on a rest from my session work, I’ve got a loaded plate of activities and adventures. I’ve always wanted to do the Northville-Placid trail. I’ve done a little during my days as staff… Read more »


Whiplash Injuries By Evan VanDyk~Licensed Massage Therapist, Integrative Movement Specialist Not too long ago I was involved in a two-car accident in which I rear-ended the driver in front of me. Thankfully, someone was watching out for us, and both myself and the other driver were able to walk away without any serious injuries. As… Read more »

TJM Dysfunction Thoughts 1 ~The Big Picture Model

TMJ can be a really painful and chronic condition involving the jaw and even the whole side of your head. In this short article, we will look at potential causes and zoom out a little to look at whole body considerations. I like to create therapeutic models and then test my ideas through soft tissue… Read more »

The Bodywork Adventure: Boston workshop with Neal Powers~Spring 2014

Workshops are great. They are fun and you learn something, but I’ve got to say sometimes the best part is the sense of community one feels/finds when participating. This new life form takes shape for three days we go around consuming and processing information and learning about ourselves in the process. This calss was unique… Read more »

Nicks Article in Natural Awakenings Magazine

Rolfing Structural Integration Restoring Natural Alignment to Create Fluid Movement by Nick Pavoldi Rolfing Structural Integration is a soft tissue approach to re-establishing natural alignment. Dr. Ida Rolf, the innovator of this process, held that when a body is in alignment, it works properly. Rolfing is based on the premise that the human body is… Read more »

Letterpress gift certificates / What things feel like matters

I feel I was born a tactile person. I believe that’s what drew me to bodywork, and it’s why I use such awesome paper with our printed materials.  I want our clients to begin their tactile experience of Bodyworks when they are reading our flyer or holding a gift certificate.  Our gift certificates are printed… Read more »

The Golden Ticket Production

Our Golden Tickets are popular every year, and more than just a package or massage sessions, it’s a relationship with that customer that is different than everybody else. Golden Ticket holders are our top clients and we take that seriously. Many of you know I love printing and paper. That said, I’ve always wanted to… Read more »

The Advanced 5 Series

Advanced 5 Series The Advanced Structural Integration Series that I learned about in Hawaii is a series of sessions designed to shake things up for those interested in taking the next step. Practicing Structural Integration for over a decade I’ve had several clients who have been through the basic 10 several times and are ready… Read more »

Rolfing is about creating order

Now three weeks from my Advanced Rolf Structural Integration training, i’ve been able to distill the whole thing into two words. Create Order most of what I’ve been doing the last three weeks is to back away from the complex notion of fixing problem areas in a body, or over thinking exactly my process and… Read more »