Thai Massage

What is it?

Thai massage has its deep roots in energy work and movement, akin to the fluid stretching and breath work of yoga. Following the Sen lines of energy (similar to the meridians in Shiatsu) and multi-plane movement, the therapist will move the receiver into a series of yoga-like positions during the course of the massage offering deep and dynamic stretches to each group of muscles. The receiver (client) wears comfortable clothing and the work is done on a cushioned mat on the floor.

Why Thai Massage

It is both relaxing and energizing. It has many of the same benefits of yoga, including increasing flexibility and range of motion, relieving tensions in the body, and quieting of the mind. Thai massage offers a unique massage experience that can promote relaxation, reduce stress increase flexibility, improve circulation, increase energy and promote a sense of balance in mind and body.


Anyone looking to experience a specialized massage treatment that is done fully clothed, offers deep stretching and guides you to truly exhale – releasing tensions in both mind and body.

Where do I get it?

To serve the entire upstate New York Capital Region, Bodywork Professionals provides massage services in both Latham (near Albany), Saratoga Springs and Niskayuna.