Pregnancy Massage – Pre and Post Natal

Pre and Post Natal

Pregnancy massage is offered both pre- and post-natal and can provide much-needed relief to the body as it goes through an extraordinary and powerful change. Massage during pregnancy is done primarily in a side-lying position with the client on their side surrounded by lots of pillows and bolsters to offer comfort and relieve some of the pressure on the neck, low back and legs. Prenatal massage offers many benefits to the mother including relaxation, stress reduction, easing of cramps and the lowering of muscle tension, swelling and pain. Massage can help improve sleep and promotes blood and lymphatic circulation. Book Online

Why Pregnancy Massage

The body goes through tremendous structural and systemic changes during pregnancy causing added weight, increased pressure on organs, bones and muscles and an increased need for the flow of blood and oxygen to supply both the mother and the growing baby. The mother’s center of gravity shifts forward impacting balance, increasing stress on the knees and legs and often causing low back pain. Massage can help address these areas while offering an overall sense relaxation.

Post-natal massage can help the body as it comes back into balance while meeting the new demands of caring for an infant.


Women who are pregnant or in the post-natal months after delivery who would like to relieve some stress, address areas of pain and offer some much-needed relief.