Hot Stone Massage

What is it?

Hot Stone Massage therapy is relaxation and deep tissue treatment combined. Using a set of heated smooth dark stones of varying sizes, the stones are placed on the body before the area is worked on, allowing the heat to soothe the muscles, melting away the surface tension and preparing the area for deeper work. The heat from the stones dilates the blood vessels increasing blood flow and circulation in that area. The added blood flow helps to nourish tired muscles and flush toxins and other byproducts out. Heat also helps cut down on joint inflammation and loosens the connective tissue surrounding bones and joints.


Why Hot Stone

Plain and simple: Hot stone massage relaxes your body, eases muscle tension, and reduces muscle soreness.


Those looking for a gentler but nonetheless effective deep tissue massage or those simply looking for the added relaxation of concentrated heat in areas of tightness especially the shoulders and lower backPlease note: if you are seeking a same day appointment, we need at least two hours in lead time to prepare the room and heat the stones.

Where can I get it?

To serve the entire upstate New York Capital Region, Bodywork Professionals provides massage services in both Latham (near Albany), Saratoga Springs and Niskayuna.