The word Ashiatsu translates to “foot pressure”. It is a westernized version of a massage technique that can be found in many ancient Eastern cultures. Working with the client on the massage table and using bars installed on the ceiling for balance, the therapist uses gravity, body weight, and the broad surface of their foot and heel to deliver deep, consistent pressure to client.

Why Ashiatsu

Because of the larger surface area of the foot and with the use of gravity, the therapist is able to leverage their body weight to access deeper layers of muscle and fascia effortlessly without the intense feeling of sharp elbows or fingers. Ashiatsu is very relaxing and deep work. Our therapist will work with you to ensure the depth and pressure is creating effective results.


Ashiatsu is great for those who find they do not receive enough pressure from a traditional deep tissue massage.  This modality is also great for athletes and people who are muscular or have dense tissue.