Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

By Francine Smith, LMT

As an expectant mother you have every right to question whether what we do is safe. Your job of protecting your child overrides every other need and urge. We respect that and we know it’s one of the hardest jobs to take on.
Let us be clear– we are interested in protecting your child. Most of our therapists here are mothers and know exactly what you are going through. We remember how hard it is to have a cold and frantically read the labels on even the most natural remedies in hopes of finding something that works without affecting that baby-to-be. (By the way, best things are honey for coughs and fresh-cut pineapple to soothe a sore throat) Massage is not something you have to worry about!! We have done our research! We have been properly trained to make sure we don’t interfere with your little one! And best of all– we can actually help! Being uncomfortable and stressed is NOT good for the baby, and that’s where massage can actually BE GOOD FOR BOTH OF YOU.

First of all, many mothers-to-be find sleep to be an illusive thing–there is no comfortable position until you’ve tossed and turned for at least 20 minutes and you only get to enjoy that position for maybe 5 minutes before you realize you have to pee. I’m a mom, I get it. Lying flat can be uncomfortable, on your stomach is now out of the question, and even side positions can make your lower back ache. We have the answer- LOTS of pillows. 🙂 Our therapists use an inclined pillow when you’re face up to help with heart burn and reflux that comes along w/the the last trimester and half. We also position you on your side w/pillows for your head, between your knees and one that we term the “teddy-bear” pillow for you to hug so your shoulders don’t ache. Believe it or not, most of the time having someone arrange pillows for you can actually be more helpful than anything. I have witnessed clients falling immediately asleep just from being supported by pillows. You will not be able to roll anywhere w/these pillows arranged, so there is no danger.

Secondly-we do not work on your belly. I know this is a controversial topic in some arenas, but we let your baby be. If you want energy work done that can be done on your belly, but only if you wish it–and only by trained energy workers.

And to that terrifying MYTH that we will hit a random spot on your body and cause your baby to abort: Yes, there are specific accu-pressure points that are said to induce labor which our therapists will avoid. But unless you came in specifically for accu-pressure this should not even come up. These points are not like a button, trust me, if they were I would have had both my children 2 weeks earlier than I did. It takes knowledge of the location as well as pressure and more importantly intention (for those who don’t study eastern medicine it refers to a combination of pressure, direction, and will). Our therapists know these points, if you are healthy they will avoid pressure on these points, if there is any hint of trouble with your pregnancy they will avoid them like the plague!

Pregnancy massage was created to be different from Swedish or deep tissue massage. It is meant to help support you in one of the most amazing acts of creation. It takes into account the changes to your body and helps your system to recover and balance itself. We do not interfere with what you are doing, we merely work to support it. We relax your body, release tension where needed, and help keep circulation and warmth going to your extremities.