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My Father’s Day/ On Being a Dad

I’m surprised to find out that being a dad actually means being the lowest man on the totem. We get ordered around by the wife, have to meet the needs of the kids and even the cat gets me to do whatever she wants. With a new baby, dog and cat I’m cleaning up an… Read more »

Can I request a female massage therapist?

As a male massage therapist, I have encountered on several occasional someone expressing their preference to have a female or male massage therapists. We see gender preference as a right of a client. We’ll typically share the name of the therapist before hand so you may have some indication of whom you are working with…. Read more »

Me and Ophelia – Couldn’t pay me enough / The Baby Busine

Me and Ophelia – Couldn’t pay me enough / The Baby Business I’m at about the two month mark with watching Ophelia on Tuesdays. I anticipated writing one of these every week but that simply can’t happen. When The Wife and I decided I’d stay home on Tuesday, the decision for me revolved around this… Read more »

Mother’s Day 2017

This is a special mother’s day for me. My wife and I had a baby at the beginning of the year and I’m getting a whole new perspective on what being a mom is all about. I’ve seen my wife mega pregnant, labor and give birth. I’ve seen her get up at all hours caring… Read more »

Mother’s Day

Each year we take time to pause, acknowledge the depth and enormity of sacrifice and work by mother’s worldwide, from our own home towns to villages and cities around the world. And the saying is true, “a woman’s work is never done”, especially when she is a mother. Whether it’s for your own mom, a… Read more »

Which Session Length Best Suits Your Needs?

Becky Morris, LMT New to massage? Picking out a gift for someone else? Unsure how long of a session is best suited for your needs?  Here is a breakdown of which session lengths best suit your needs as offered at Bodywork Professionals.   Each massage is tailor made for you and your needs.  Any amount… Read more »

“It Is Where It Ain’t” Pt. 1 – The Superficial Layer

When someone comes to visit me for a session at my office, I like to watch them stand as the communicate with me the reason for their visit. I’m looking for how they entered the room, or got up from the chair. I’m looking at the way their body settles into gravity and most importantly,… Read more »

The Therapeutic Model – An Integrative Approach to Bodywork

The Therapeutic Model is the simplification of an incredibly complex system of a human body that I’m about to work on. I use a model, or even several models that I sort of juggle help create a roadmap for the session. As my model gets more detail from the clients input and from what my… Read more »

Massage Tips for Love Birds 2017

Touch is a powerful form of communication. A light touch of the hand can command attention, signal intention and share a feeling in an instant. Touch with your partner can be nurturing, caring, silencing, familiar and validates an unspoken bond. As we do each Valentines day, we share with you of Massage Tips for Lovebirds…. Read more »