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Fathers Day Thoughts

Being a dad has been a constantly changing experience. Many parts of life have been completely redefined and reoriented towards a new kind of happiness. A happiness that in a lot of ways isnt personally happy at all. There is the cleaning, cleaning of household, poop, germs that is constant and crushing even when I’m… Read more »

Dad Deserves It 2018

 This is a very special fathers day for me. In addition to being a dad of the beautiful Ophelia, and Step Dad to the awesome Reily, the big news is my wife Chanel and I are expecting a new baby in August! Additionally, my dad published his new book “Investing Kindergarten: The Simple Truth That’s… Read more »

Mothers Day 2018

  Each year I print our Mother’s Day gift certificates. This year I did it a little different my hand setting the type. I typically design the plate on a computer and have it made. There is a lot of flexibility there but it was getting to easy. I like to do these by hand… Read more »

Hamstring Stretches

Get at multiple parts of the hamstring body Compress the knee to the chest. This is a great hamstring and low back stretch (1,2). Use a had stool to hand the “sits” bone and with a straight leg lean forward (3). In standing, hinge forward with a flat back (4)

Christmas Holiday 2017 Specials

Massage and Bodywork are a healthy gift, and perfect for: Moms and Dads Kids home from school Close friends Special co-workers and peers Care givers Our Certificates are Handmade on my Golding #7 letterpress. I use a letterpress because there is something special about exquisite paper and an imprint that only a ton of steel… Read more »

Black Friday Specials

We’ll be offering great deals to our existing customers from Black Friday-Cyber Monday. These won’t be live until Friday the 24th of Nov. This is the official page for it and all the links will be live Friday. Use the BUY NOW button to have a paper gift certificate rushed to your house. The black… Read more »

Community Education Series

Community Education Series Our new Director of Community Education, Rebecca Morris, MA, LMT has launched a new initiative bringing a variety of health, mindfulness, and family programs to Bodywork Professionals. Our new community education series are classes aimed to educate families and individuals in a variety of topics which are focused in Healthy development, well-being… Read more »

Price and session length change effective January 1st, 2018

On January 1st, 2018 will be changing the way we charge for sessions. We are going to experiment with a flexible 15 minute approach.  15 minutes can be added to massage and bodywork sessions for $20 meaning we will have a new variety of offerings. This comes will a slight price increase on our basic… Read more »

Massage and Pilates

For many years we’ve worked next door to the talented and lovely folks at the Pilates Principle. We’ve worked together on hundreds of people who are actively staying fit and strong. One of the most common things people ask after a massage is what can they do to keep feeling that way. I can tell… Read more »

The case against juice

We all know that diet is a super important part of a healthy life. There has been a wonderful health-conscious trend towards things like non-gmo foods. Fresh juices have also become very popular. Advocates of fresh juice say that it distills the essence of fruits and vegetables into an easy to consume form. Juice contains… Read more »