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Get Ready to Run! Massage and Bodywork for Runners

Get Ready to Run With springtime warmth and sunshine just around the corner, Saratoga will begin to see a lot more runners out and about on the streets and trails. Many of them are seasoned runners and a lot of them will be new to the sport. Regardless of the level of expertise or fitness,… Read more »

Dad Deserves It!

A recent article in Men’s Health magazine talks about the many benefits of massage therapy and how men in particular can benefit from regular sessions.  However, the typical guy tends to ignore things like going to the doctor – let alone indulging themselves with a massage treatment.  All too often, they’re coaching little league, tending… Read more »

A Gift that Stands Out- Handcrafted Gift Certificates

What can we give this year that will stand out?  What will show them we are grateful for them? The Holiday Season is upon us once again.  A magical time of year… but something nagging: we are all racking our brains for the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Well we’ve got your answer: Massage… Read more »

Who is the Feldenkrais Method good for?

Who is the Feldenkrais Method® for? Many of my peers in the Feldenkrais Method® prefer to, and excel at, working with certain populations.  There are practitioners who work specifically with Professional Dancers, Professional Musicians, or Professional Athletes.  While others specialize in working with children with neurological difficulties, the elderly, or pregnant women.   The bottom… Read more »

What is the Feldenkrais Method?

The Feldenkrais Method®: Making the “impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant” – Moshe Feldenkrais   The Feldenkrais Method® is a deliberate conversation with an individual’s nervous system about its body’s functioning and efficiency in action.  The language of this conversation is movement. What does the The Feldenkrais Method do? The Feldenkrais Method®… Read more »

What is the theory behind the Feldenkrais Method?

The Feldenkrais Method® is not easy to explain, but rather is much easier to understand through experience…  But here goes! This is the theory behind the Feldenkrais Method® and my interpretation of it.  Read it slowly, read it again, take it all in…enjoy! Over the years, through our life experiences, injuries, social interactions and our… Read more »

I ♥︎ Mom~Mothers Day Gift Certificate

Each year we issue a limited release special gift certificate at Mother’s Day. To honor mothers we also offer a great deal: $67 for a One Hour Massage or Bodywork Gift Certificate Your mom really needs this even if she doesn’t know it herself. Moms sometimes have the habit of caring for everyone else except… Read more »

Why Try Thai

By Rebecca Morris, LMT Thai massage is a technique of passive stretching and compress focusing on the flow of energy your body.   In general massage is amazing both mentally and physically.  No matter what your story is, overuse, underuse or misuse Thai massage can help bring back balance to your body. Athletes Thai Massage… Read more »


Whiplash Injuries By Evan VanDyk~Licensed Massage Therapist, Integrative Movement Specialist Not too long ago I was involved in a two-car accident in which I rear-ended the driver in front of me. Thankfully, someone was watching out for us, and both myself and the other driver were able to walk away without any serious injuries. As… Read more »

The Benefits of Mother and Infant Massage

Your health becomes even more important when you become pregnant since you are caring for your own health as well as your unborn baby’s. Important health benefits which prenatal massage give you and your baby include: The improvement of oxygen, blood and nutrient flow for both mom and baby Reduction of swelling Lessening of stress… Read more »