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The Golden Path

Updated 2019 We launching a new membership style service at Bodyworks called “The Golden Path”. It’s sort of the next step of the Golden Ticket. We’ve found that so many of our Golden Ticket holders use the work for themselves and family members and often request more sessions and we’ve got a way to do… Read more »

The case against juice

We all know that diet is a super important part of a healthy life. There has been a wonderful health-conscious trend towards things like non-gmo foods. Fresh juices have also become very popular. Advocates of fresh juice say that it distills the essence of fruits and vegetables into an easy to consume form. Juice contains… Read more »

Mother’s Day

Each year we take time to pause, acknowledge the depth and enormity of sacrifice and work by mother’s worldwide, from our own home towns to villages and cities around the world. And the saying is true, “a woman’s work is never done”, especially when she is a mother. Whether it’s for your own mom, a… Read more »

Which Session Length Best Suits Your Needs?

Becky Morris, LMT New to massage? Picking out a gift for someone else? Unsure how long of a session is best suited for your needs?  Here is a breakdown of which session lengths best suit your needs as offered at Bodywork Professionals.   Each massage is tailor made for you and your needs.  Any amount… Read more »

Leatherstocking Trade Press – New Home in Saratoga Springs

I’m absolutely delighted to announce the formation of a new enterprise called Leatherstocking Trade Press and it’s new home at the Upstate Distilling House in Saratoga Springs. When I was 12, my dad and I started a business called Leatherstocking Trade Company, after the region I grew up in. We sold used tools, tie dye … Read more »

The Bodywork Adventure ~ Teaching to learn

I was in Montreal on New Years Day is 2012. Some friends and I had gone there for something different and as I do I make a speech and set my goals for the following year. 2012 was going to be the year I got over my fears and taught my first class in bodywork…. Read more »


It’s now been three weeks since my last session of Rolf Structural Integration (SI) with Nick Pavoldi, the only Advanced SI practitioner in the Capital Region, and owner of Bodywork Professionals at 11 Spring Street in Saratoga Springs. During that session, we worked on my body’s relationship with the ground, and I learned how important… Read more »

Father’s Day Letterpress Gift Certificates

This years gift certificate are made on Mohawk Strathmore 160# paper. I had been looking around for the perfect manly paper for Father’s day this year and I really nailed it with this stuff. I love Mohawk paper. They are a local company the use renewable energy to produce their paper and sustainable harvest their… Read more »

It’s Dad’s Turn

IT’S DAD’S TURN With Mother’s Day behind us and summer finally feeling like it really is just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking seriously about what to do for Father’s Day.  If your dad or your husband are anything like mine, he’s probably started on the outdoor spring cleaning, maybe getting the lawn… Read more »

Double team pain with Massage and Chiropractic care

Each day, millions of people walk around in pain.  Some may be athletes whose pain is the result of repetitive movements.  Others may be suffering from the effects of a recent traumatic event that resulted in reduced range of motion, referred pain, or chronic neck and spinal problems.  And still others may be suffering from… Read more »