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Mindful Moment II

By Rebecca Morris-Kascan Every day has beauty. Thank you for joining me for this mindful moment. In this moment we will be acknowledging and letting go of any frustrations, anger, fear and negative thoughts that are holding you back from happiness and finding enjoyment in your day. I’d like you to find a comfortable spot… Read more »

All About Corona Mandala

Staying at home over the last few weeks has given me a chance to work on some projects that I’d never have found the time to do otherwise. One dream project is to letterpress mandalas from my friend Allison (her work hangs in our Saratoga office). Mandalas are an ancient art form, both spiritual and… Read more »

Mindful Moment

Rebecca Morris-Kenscan, MA, LMT, has created a new series for us called Mindful Moments. These are short meditations designed to help relieve stress, manage feelings, and accept change… just for a moment. This Mindful Moment is about acknowledging feelings and letting them flow through you. Accepting change does not need to be feared, you can… Read more »

Golden Path Memberships on Hold

We plan to put all Golden Path memberships on hold as we hibernate. That means we will keep your accounts alive but you WILL NOT BE CHARGED each month and there will be no credits given until we reopen. I realize many of you got credits in March that are likely unused. Unless you need… Read more »

Bodyworks Hibernation

Like everyone, we have found our cave and settled in for a period of rest and isolation. When we first closed I suggested we’d be dark for a week, but at this point we are planning a month at a minimum and preparing for longer as needed. Many of you have asked about the safety… Read more »

Suspending Operations

Friends In just a few short days, it has become evident that the world and our society have to take drastic measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. While we maintain a very clean environment, until testing is more widely available I cannot run the risk of Bodywork Professionals unwittingly transmitting this virus…. Read more »

Note From Nick

In this unsettling time, we want our clients and community to know that we are taking safety and hygiene very seriously and following or exceeding the CDC protocols (see Actions and Protocol) for the Coronavirus. We’ve added extra safety measures for our staff and are relaxing cancellation policies if you are not feeling well. Taking… Read more »

Massage tips from the pros: Loving pain and the chemical emoji

Pro massage tips when you decide to give a massage to your partner. Good idea! It turns out that about 15 minutes of massage cause the body to release some serious feel-good hormones. So find a comfortable spot for your partner and remember take your time! Here is this year’s pro massage tip: Sometimes you… Read more »

BWP3: Niskayuna

I’m excited to announce that the next Bodywork Professionals location will be at 1343 Balltown Road in Niskayauna, opening sometime this spring. We’ve been working on this idea for over a year now, and finally found a building that really suits our needs. We’ve purchased it and are currently making some minor renovations to get… Read more »

2020 Gift Certificates are here!

[su_youtube url=””] Here is a look inside our 2020 Gift certificates. The design and production of these are a hobby that I get to share with our clients and friends at Bodyworks. I start the process in the summer and usually sometime in the fall get things rolling. I took several design chances and that… Read more »