Joint Mobility and Movement

Spinal Undulation

Mobility and Movement – This just feels good. Find a comfortable seated postion and sway your spine back and forth. Looks for liquid movement and try to move your spine with your feet and legs.

Mobility and Movement

We need to move our spine everyday and we need to move it often and in many different ways. The motion and health of our back, neck, shoulders, vertebra, discs, nerves, etc. is intimately connected to the well-being of our spine.

It’s the protective casing for your spinal cord (central nervous system). It’s the scaffolding for your autonomic nervous system (peripheral nervous system), the 45 miles of nerves that penetrate every nook and cranny of your body. To keep nerves healthy they need movement and they also need to slide and glide relative to other soft tissue structures.

Whatever you do, don’t stay still for too long and don’t let your spine adapt to your chair. It will dehydrate, slowly degenerate and restrict your freedom of movement.

A Shaolin Monk teacher once said, “Your spine is designed to move like water, not a brick.” In Yoga it is said that you are as young as your spine is flexible. The spine is the main highway for nerve influx and also for kundalini energy.

When practicing spinal wave or undulation movement you can improve the range of motion of your spine. This can lead to greater strength, power, mobility and endurance for a wide range of activities from surfing to martial art, dancing, climbing, playing…