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Staying healthy and warm though the winter

Wow – my thermometer read -11 degrees this morning!! “Baby it’s cold outside” – the song by Dean Martin, has some interesting (ahem) suggestions for warming up with his lusty lady friend.  But how shall we make healthy choices to not only stay warm, but away from illness this winter season? 1. Exercise – pumping… Read more »

Lindsay’s Garden Blog – time to plant

Now the fun begins! All of your garden preparation and labor will now begin to transform it into a place of beauty and joy.  My gardening experience is primarily with vegetable growing, though I do try my hand at flower gardening – both annuals and perennials.  In the upstate New York region, planting seedlings is… Read more »

Rolfing is about creating order

Now three weeks from my Advanced Rolf Structural Integration training, i’ve been able to distill the whole thing into two words. Create Order most of what I’ve been doing the last three weeks is to back away from the complex notion of fixing problem areas in a body, or over thinking exactly my process and… Read more »