Nick Pavoldi, A.SiP, LMT

Nick Pavold

Nick Pavoldi, A.SiP, LMT

Proprietor~Advanced Rolf Structural Integration Practitioner

Year Licensed: 1996

Specialty: Rolf Structural Integration

Location: Latham, Niskayuna, Saratoga Springs

Hi there!

It’s nice to meet you, I appreciate you taking in interest in me and Bodywork Professionals. If this is your first visit at Bodywork Professionals, welcome! If you you’ve been here before Thanks you for making our world go around.

A little about me:

I started Bodyworks after working at a spa for some time. I was doing good work, but I felt there wasn’t a place for therapist to really stand out. A place where the emphasis is on the therapist and the unique skills and crafts the performed.

I get to practice the thing I do, Structural Integration, and my staff get to do the things they do best. Thai massage, Asiatsu, Deep Tissue, whatever that therapists educational path takes them.  We share things, techniques, ideas, problems and we share the work with each other.

The Bodywork Guild is the educational arm of Bodyworks and can accredited teachers and classes and offer professional classes to other licensed therapists. It allows us to bring teachers in and encourages myself and other staff to dive deep into a subject and share it with others.

Leatherstocking Trade Press is the printing leg of the operation. It’s a Golding #7 letterpress and it makes all our certificates and some other printed goods. It’s a fun hobby and very much a labor of love. I find it deeply satisfying for some reasons.

The Gong Lab is outfit my brother Jim and I run. I’ve got 30 gongs, some of them are huge and in times when people can gather in mass we offer a sound meditation called the Gong Lab. Gongs create tactile sound, moving sound, they are paved path to meditation and many report feeling awash and renewed by it. The legend in sound Baba Don Conreaux is our teacher.

My wife Chanel and I met in Saratoga and we live outside of there with my stepson Reily, Daughters Ophelia, Rafaella (Big news… I have another one on the way :), Beaumont the dog and Evripides the cat.

Bodyworks has grown from a dude in a 200 square foot room in Newtonville to several locations and dozens of staff. I’m proud of what it is and what it’s become. during the pandemic I had the opportunity to hear heartwarming stories about what the business meant to so many people. It is a great honor to bring this work to you.

If you ever have feedback regarding a session or your experience, and anything we can do better, I’d love to personally hear from you. Email Nick AT (@ has been spelled to reduce spam)

Thank you for your time!

Nick of Bodywork Professionals

An informative audio inteveriw with Nick

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