“Thank you so much for working with me using Structural Integration. After today’s session, I felt really great! Taller, more open through the front of the body, and like I could walk with longer strides. That is really relieving and happy for me, as tightness in my hip flexors has been an ongoing struggle for years. I thought to myself, “I am going to need to repeat this session again in the future for sure!” I also truly appreciate our professional dialogue and interaction.” Lindsay P

“As a professional,touring drummer that plays over 250 shows a year during a tour cycle, I rely on various forms of alternative medicine/holistic healings to stay active and to keep repetitive strain injuries to a minimum. After initially being introduced to SI on tour in 2004, i immediately sought out a practicioner in my area once I returned home for an extended period of time. After completing the 10 series with Nick Pavoldi, i felt my body energized, realigned, and most importantly revitalized for next grueling tour cycle. Years later I still see Nick regularly for the occassional “tune-up”, and I have found his work to be effective, as well as essential, for keeping me in top form!” Jason Bitner ~ Drummer Shadows Fall, Grammy nominee, Guiness world record holder