Saratoga Springs Massage Gift Certificates

Looking for Saratoga Springs Massage Gift Certificates?

Massage and Bodywork in Saratoga Springs, NY is a wonderful gift, and our 2021 Gift Certificates are a perfect way to show someone how much you love them. This years certificates are printed on Mohawk Strathmore DTC 280# paper and finished with a gold foil imprint of the Bodywork Guild, Bodywork Professionals new school of continuing education and mark of excellence.

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Massage Gift Certificates Make a Special Impression

We make our Saratoga Springs gift certificates on incredible paper using a Golding #7 letterpress from 1887.

This beast weights in at about a ton and leaves a satisfying bite in the paper it prints. Though there is no way to match the value of one of our massage and bodywork sessions on something as simple as paper, these gift certificates reflect our commitment to our craft.  They are elegant, handsome and a worthy gift for someone you love.

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