Structural Integration

This is a specialized practice aimed at addressing underlying postural issues and generating a long-term re-alignment of the body itself. Rolfing or Structural Integration is a soft tissue approach to re-establishing natural alignment. Based on the simple but powerful premise that our bodies are organized around a central vertical axis, Structural Integration works with the body and the way the body interacts in the underlying field of gravity to promote more fluid and natural movement and offer an ease of being.

The work is a hands-on, soft tissue approach but unlike basic massage work, clients may be seated or standing at different points and can expect to participate in the session by actively engaging in certain movements to promote re-alignment. Structural Integration is generally done in 10 sessions; the first seven sessions focus on the structural phase and the final three sessions focus on integration.

The 10 series:

Session 1. Open up the front of the body. Superficial layer fascia
Session 2. Lower body and feet. Relationship with ground, stability.
Sessions 3. Hip and shoulder girdle relationship.
Sessions 4. Inside of the legs and pelvic floor stability.
Session 5. Core and abdomen
Session 6. Back and spine
Session 7. Face, head and neck
Session 8. Lower body integration
Session 9. Upper body integration
Session 10. Whole body integration

structural massage

Why Structural Integration

Structural Integration can help address long-term pain or discomfort in the body. The human form has a natural relationship with gravity. We are born and live our entire lives in this force, and our bodies create coping mechanisms to deal with the force and stress of movement and action. There is a natural sense of balance in inherent in all of us, but that balance is different for each of us. Structural Integration helps each body find its way back to its natural balance.


Anyone who would like to work to re-establish their natural alignment and restore their vitality and well being. Because the work is focused on deep underlying structural issues, the sessions can be dramatic and initially discomforting. Uncomfortable places may lurk undetected for years in the body and the body may have unknowingly engaged in misaligned compensating mechanisms. Acute pain or discomfort can arise when these areas are opened up and brought back into alignment.

While the Ten Series is the accepted framework for Structural Integration, each session will vary greatly based on individual needs. There is no pressure to do all ten sessions and for those interested in experiencing this work, the first session is an excellent stand-alone session. Phone consultations are welcome and encouraged prior to starting the work.