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What are the benefits of Deep Tissue massage?

What shall I write about now that the garden is “resting” for the winter season?  NOW – for the lowdown on Deep Tissue Bodywork! While nothing beats the stress-relief of a nice, soothing, Swedish massage, if you have knotted muscles, aches and pains, injuries (past or present), or chronic repetitive motion activities, then a Deep… Read more »

Why Try Thai

By Rebecca Morris, LMT Thai massage is a technique of passive stretching and compress focusing on the flow of energy your body.   In general massage is amazing both mentally and physically.  No matter what your story is, overuse, underuse or misuse Thai massage can help bring back balance to your body. Athletes Thai Massage… Read more »

Thai-Yoga Massage for Runners

Running is forever. Fitness trends come and go, but running is a mainstay of exercise for millions of Americans. After all, all one needs is a pair of sneakers and some will power to start running. For many, running is more than fitness, it’s a way of life. Running is their method of stress relief… Read more »

Golf, Rotation, Pain and Solutions

This time of year we see tons of rabid golfers. They started this spring and are getting every game then can in while the getting is good. Golf is a wonderful sport, but the movement of a powerful rotating swing can wreak havoc on low backs and knees. There are several contributing factors to pain… Read more »