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2016 Letterpress production

There are a couple of firsts pressed into our certificates this year. For starters, my apprenticeship with my letterpress teacher Lori has come to an end, and as fledgling printer I’ve bought the Golding #7 press from Boston. It’s a black beauty, steel and iron. All I see when I look at it is opportunity…….. Read more »

A Gift that Stands Out- Handcrafted Gift Certificates

What can we give this year that will stand out?  What will show them we are grateful for them? The Holiday Season is upon us once again.  A magical time of year… but something nagging: we are all racking our brains for the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Well we’ve got your answer: Massage… Read more »

Roosevelt II Gong Lab Fundraiser

Sometimes being a gong master means getting to do really awesome things. This past Sunday we had an event to raise money for Coesa at the Roosevelt II bathhouse in Saratoga Springs. Coesa has made it their mission to bring the Roosevelt II back to life. Roosevelt II is a cool old Victorian age Greek… Read more »

Kathryn on Nutrition~Food Freedom Festival

We just arrived back after an amazing long weekend in beautiful Shenandoah Virginia, celebrating the Food Freedom Festival. This event was hosted by the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund and The Nutritional Therapy Association. We arrived at the event not knowing what to expect, but with eager minds to learn what was going on… Read more »

What Bodyworks means to Saratoga

I grew up in Saratoga.  I went to Saratoga High School, I went to lots of shows at SPAC, all of my friends worked at the Racetrack at one point or another, I walked downtown after school, we paraded down Broadway for homecoming, some of my friends went to Skidmore and some of their parents… Read more »

Notes From Nick~Growing pains & Lessons from Wilfred Brimley

Notes From Nick Growing pains~Lessons from Wilfred Brimley We’ve been open in Saratoga for a couple years now and just over 4 months in our new location. I was prepared for a challenge, and running into road blocks and that is of course exactly what happened. The fact is, life is hard. It’s impossible to… Read more »


Whiplash Injuries By Evan VanDyk~Licensed Massage Therapist, Integrative Movement Specialist Not too long ago I was involved in a two-car accident in which I rear-ended the driver in front of me. Thankfully, someone was watching out for us, and both myself and the other driver were able to walk away without any serious injuries. As… Read more »

5 Massage Tips for Love Birds

Here are some of my pro secrets about giving a good massage. These are good for Valentines or anytime. 1. Stay focused, Keep sexy time out of it (for now) Give yourself to your partner first. Commit to the session for a period of time and stay focused on your loved one. Attention is key:… Read more »

10 Massage Tips for Lovebirds

Giving a massage to someone you love is a great way to show that you care, and they will TOTALLY love you for it. It’s not easy and i can’t explain step by step what to do. you have to let your instincts guide you there. But, here are some tips that will make you… Read more »