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Staring out our big picture windows here at Bodywork Professionals, watching the blizzard fly and the cars crawl, I consider what it really takes to live in the Northeast.  We are truly a hardy bunch!  Though we complain and curse the winter weather, we still remain living here.  There are many many warmer regions of… Read more »

Staying healthy and warm though the winter

Wow – my thermometer read -11 degrees this morning!! “Baby it’s cold outside” – the song by Dean Martin, has some interesting (ahem) suggestions for warming up with his lusty lady friend.  But how shall we make healthy choices to not only stay warm, but away from illness this winter season? 1. Exercise – pumping… Read more »

What are the benefits of Deep Tissue massage?

What shall I write about now that the garden is “resting” for the winter season?  NOW – for the lowdown on Deep Tissue Bodywork! While nothing beats the stress-relief of a nice, soothing, Swedish massage, if you have knotted muscles, aches and pains, injuries (past or present), or chronic repetitive motion activities, then a Deep… Read more »

Garden hibernation

Many emotions are in synch with the natural course of the gardening season, as well as the seasons of life.  This mimics the way that Shiatsu or Eastern Philosophy regards the seasons: Spring is a time of explosive energy, wind, even a type of anger that is related to months of stored potential energy just… Read more »

Time to Harvest

Harvest, according to Wikipedia, is “the process of gathering mature crops from the fields.  The harvest marks the end of the growing season, or the growing cycle for a particular crop, and social importance of this event makes it the focus of seasonal celebrations such as a harvest festival, found in many religions. On smaller farms… Read more »

Out of the Weeds – into the Greens!

There comes a time, usually about mid-August (here in upstate NY), when the garden makes a happy shift.  The hardworking laborer/gardener breathes a sigh of relief, and beauty becomes bountiful.  The time that I am referring to is when the garden becomes less WORK-related (see my last blog, “In the Weeds” talking about weed control)… Read more »

Lindsay’s Garden Blog: In the Weeds

Hello!  I have been neglectful lately with too many things, as I see my last garden blog post was about one month ago!  Wow – apparently the act of gardening has taken up so much of my “free time” that the act of blogging about gardening has fallen to second place.  One would think that… Read more »

Lindsay’s Garden Blog – time to plant

Now the fun begins! All of your garden preparation and labor will now begin to transform it into a place of beauty and joy.  My gardening experience is primarily with vegetable growing, though I do try my hand at flower gardening – both annuals and perennials.  In the upstate New York region, planting seedlings is… Read more »

Lindsay’s Garden Blog: Dirt!

Lindsay Harvey, LMT at Bodywork Professionals in Albany and Saratoga, blogs about gardening. This week’s subject: DIRT!  That’s right, everyone likes to “dish” the “dirt”, right?  Well, the dirt I refer to is not that kind of negative trash talk.  Garden soil is something to be revered.  What is the most important ingredient when growing… Read more »