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Mother’s Day

Each year we take time to pause, acknowledge the depth and enormity of sacrifice and work by mother’s worldwide, from our own home towns to villages and cities around the world. And the saying is true, “a woman’s work is never done”, especially when she is a mother. Whether it’s for your own mom, a… Read more »

Which Session Length Best Suits Your Needs?

Becky Morris, LMT New to massage? Picking out a gift for someone else? Unsure how long of a session is best suited for your needs?  Here is a breakdown of which session lengths best suit your needs as offered at Bodywork Professionals.   Each massage is tailor made for you and your needs.  Any amount… Read more »

Thai Massage During Pregnancy

Holidays are here, which also brings a time of giving thanks and gift giving for those in your life.  As you are pondering what to get your loved ones (including yourself) consider giving the gift of health. Do you have any expectant mothers on your list?  Did you know that research strongly suggests there are… Read more »

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Much like the tides of the ocean, our cerebral spinal fluid has a flow or “ tide” to it, as well. This includes its flow out, followed by a pause or stillness, which is then followed by the return flow or wave back in. This stillness is referred to as “dynamic stillness” and it is… Read more »

Daytime Hours in Saratoga

New Saratoga Daytime and Evening Hours: Our convenient Saratoga location at 11 Spring Street is just a ½ block from Broadway and overlooks Congress Park. Sessions offered include 90 minutes, and hour or 40 minutes to make taking care of your body easy and practical. We accept same day and walk-in appointments. We’re also open… Read more »

Craniosacral Therapy as a Way of Life

By Kathleen Gates, LMT What’s going on in your life? How do you manage wellness and stress? How does self-regulation enter into the equation? The work being done by the therapist during a biodynamic craniosacral session aids and allows for the recipient to attune and adjust (ie. self regulate) to achieve optimal wellness. How is… Read more »